By Naba Lang

Trying to find the peace of my mind that I seem to have lost some time ago Or maybe I never obtained it? The piece to the puzzle I’ve dismantled and purposely misplaced In the hands of a stranger that turned to familiar face Or to the one who said they’d never leave and yet never left a trace Maybe to the parents who helped create this space My mind has wandered for it in so many places Putting herself through too many phases One which lead to the discovery of a piece that looked to fit But chaos can impersonate peace when the puzzle isn’t fully complete Forced its rigid edges and shallow creases into a part meant for a treat Only to develop a catastrophe disguised as a masterpiece With Self destruction and self preservation as the main release Extirpating the entire mind perhaps is a solution but comes with a cost Because the chaos is stuck and the peace is still lost

A response to the National Poetry Month prompt