Random Thought

By Dark Frost

(Just one of those many Random thought without context I do have sometimes during night)

Sometimes I find myself waking up in midnight crying helpless and holding my pillow tears won't stop falling from my eyes. There's a pain in me and it hurts and I don't know why. Feels like this pain is a part of me or maybe am a part of the pain. A far stretched loneliness clouding my vision and I get covered in this darkness of it. This weird feeling of missing something or someone stays there. This longing and yearning never seems to end. I am a composed person and am calm but right now right here in this four walls I am... Idk what am I? I feel like loosing myself or maybe I have lost myself already and Honestly there's no way to confirm either of it. Why do I feel this way and when exactly it all started is a mystery to me. I am trying to make sense out of it. As soon as the sunlight kisses the earth on its forehead. The world seems to wake up. Everyone going back to their slumber.

A response to the Now prompt