Unknown Feeling

By bangkuimaji

Now I'm counting the bottle of beer that I've been drinking on from the first of June.

The pandemic hits me like a truck. Been recently freelancing because I'm resigning from my 9 to 5 job last year. Expenses just keep coming, no government help. Luckily I just received a dozen of beer that have been paid on February, the beer is trapped in my friend house. She is too afraid to met people and after she overcome it I enjoyed my luxury a little bit.

Beer has been helping me as my dream has been shattered, at least thats what I'm thinking right now. In the middle creating portfolio and trying to submit my first art exhibition to one curator that I know the pandemic is coming. I wanted to forget 2020 right away. But in the middle of this pandemic a hopeful voice in the street is coming out against racism. The way people running on to deliberate themselves is relieving and I'm creating art portfolio by responding the situation outside.

I hope my creation is being seen out there after pandemic, I still trying to keep my art on exhibition. I don't care if it will sale or not at least I'm trying, maybe I will go back to the office but who knows or maybe I will be a successful artist out there.

In the middle of unknown feeling I put the full stop.


A response to the Now prompt