Afraid by Ordinarily Existing

A response to the Afraid

One of the biggest thing that has been holding me back in life is that I am always afraid. The fear of failing in the future haunted me. I restrained myself from doing things I love because I am afraid I will fail.

Should I start a blog? Naah, I am afraid my writing is not good enough to attract people to read.

Should I pursue being a full time baker? I am afraid my business will fail and I am not good enough as a baker.

I am afraid of making new friends. What if they don't like me.

I am afraid my parents will be disappointed in me if I don't do well in my study.

I have commitment issues because I am afraid my partner will not accept me if I show him my true colours.

Often, being afraid resulted from fears of the unknown. Doubts that feed our mind. Negative thoughts that consume us. I am afraid of failing because I thought failures are not normal.

If I weren't afraid, I would write every thoughts, every story and every poems that came across my head. I will surely have a few books filled by then.

If I weren't afraid I will pursue my passion in baking and one day, I will have a bakery that I can call my own.

If I weren't afraid, I would say no when I want to. I would say hi to the stranger I thought was cute. I would be more frank with my feelings so that I will not bottle them up.

If I weren't afraid, I will fight my fears. I will try, fail and learn. And do it over and over and over again until I reach my goal. For failures are stepping stones. An opportunity.

I am learning to not be afraid. I am learning to fight. The places I can go and the endless possibilities I can grab. If I weren't afraid, not even the sky will be my limit.

Love, Ordinarily Existing