Curiosity killed Cat

Scatter brain dump | Journal

I’ve realised that when your working you got to make time to do what you like.

Reading, work out, rest etc. You have to make that time. If not, work will take your time.

Tonight we read tbis:

Was watching Oh my Venus, a korean series. The series is okay. Funny haha.

But right, there is one relationship in the movie that just moved me.

The character Jun Seung. Jun Seung was put for adoption when he was a child. His mom went to prison for murdering his abusive father. Talk abt injustice kan? Then when she got out, yearsssss later Jun Seung wanted to see his mom but his mom didn't want to because she felt that she was unlucky and a bad mom.

But Jun Seung kept. on. trying. relentlessly.

Made me think abt like a child will always love their mother eventhough how bad her mother is and how they've been neglected.

Everyone craves and needs the love of a mother. It's a different type of love.

Made me think that, one day if I have one of my own, I'll make sure I'm ready. Every child deserves a mothers love fully.

Woohoo. I ran. For the first time in literally forever. I’ve never done marathon or anything. Ever. So just now I ran for like 2 mins and stopped. We can increase it to 5 mins tomorrow 😋 Saw that sunset! hehe

Saw on tik tok that if you want to get work done fast, listen to Mario Kart music while working.

It worked 🤣 my hands were moving so fast. But after that, my brain crashed. hahaha

Ytd, told myself I’d go for a run. Bailed cause too lazy to change outfit. So today, I’m defo going so I wore my running attire from morning. No more excuses brain 😛 Let’s see what happens petang nanti Hahaha.

In this episode of things Alyaa wanting to buy tht she don’t need.

A drone.

Update: Alyaa bought it -_-

Did a yoga stretch followed by a dance workout. It was amazing!!!! I forgot how it felt like 🥺. The last time I danced that hard was in high school. Perks going to an all girls school ey.

Mr bear socks wanted to join the party.


When you’re super hot tempered when it comes to people not being understanding and put people down. Then there is your mates in the team that helps to calm you down. You are god sent my guy!

Was watching Kingdom (the movie one) ystdy night. Didn't finish it but then right, the Ashin lady is super savage 😱

One scene. A soldier was climbing up a roof, trying to get away from zombies. He was struggling maybe sbb tired kot. Then Ashin put an arrow in the guys palm 😱 So he is stuck hanging at the roof's end. Naturally he'll scream, so all the zombies heard him, went to him and gobbled on the hanging parts of him.

Thennnn, idk whether to call Ashin a genius or heartless but seeing how the zombies all gathered at one place, Ashin shot a flaming arrow to the pile of zombies. Zombies obliterated. yay! but the soldier died a slow death of being burned alive :/

Another scene, Ashin hung a guy like a meat in a butcher store. Then she fed him to the zombies :/ I'm sure the guy was evil or smtng.

I wanted to sleep early yesterday but my mind couldn’t shut down. Didn’t know what I was thinking abt tho. So today, I woke up feeling like 💩

I need to go back to the office man. At least on Monday’s to get the gears started for the week.