... My words, without context

The blank shades of my fractured mind

Cut and slash across my soul

We live to die and die to live

And hope is such a grind

It carries and withholds

Emboldens anticipation

And steals itself away

When reality gets ahold

Hope, it never ceases

To promise forever

A never-fate

That infinite reach

May it hold me by the throat

May it choke my tears that never come

May it bloat my heart with cotton

May it strike and not withdraw

Take it, take me

Leave me, steal me

To nothing and beyond

Where muted silence rests

In the darkness of my heart lies a light It peeks and shines, bobs and pops One of my dearest memories, en event That lasted years but were seconds

I long, forlorn, for that time That slipped from my hands That stayed in the past That never grew old as I did

Could I have given it Years, nurturing it Growing it Watching us age

My memory slips I remain behind I, alone, With this memory of mine


I never could I never did I wanted to Scream and beg And beg and scream

I never did I never could I didn't know How to say the words I'm sorry

I wish I could Now I always did Want to say sorry

I'm sorry For you and me For not saying I'm sorry

To see you once more For the love we once bore That I never forgot Though I never could Say sorry