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This is going to be a short one. Just some helpful tips for when you're in the final stages of the game, in the city of Insomnia.

The photo below shows the location of the entrance to the hideout in the city of Insomnia. At one time, I was roaming both ends of the map trying to get back to the hideout. This should save you some time. This shows the location of the entrance to the hideout in the city of Insomnia.


A few months ago, I bought Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition because it was on sale. I have played the standard edition before, when it was available on Gamepass. But I never really got past the first few hours in the game. This time around, after having bought it, I resolved to actually finish the game.

This game is such a quirky RPG. Maybe itโ€™s because I havenโ€™t played a lot of Japanese RPGs since Final Fantasy 10. Maybe these features are already in other games nowadays. But I found this game to be a departure from what I expected a Japanese RPG to be. It's like going on a road-trip adventure with your best friends, where you and your friends look like you belong in a K-pop boy band. You could say, it's like a boy band got their own action adventure RPG made for them. Weird, but good.

First screenshot I took of the game.

The game takes place in a fictional world, but is based on our modern world. Almost like a parallel universe. There are cars in the game. There are activities like camping and fishing. Cooking and eating food is a notable part of the game. One of the characters brings along his camera, which he uses to take photos and selfies throughout the game. Characters carry cellphones and would occasionally get on a call in the game. Itโ€™s not what I expected from a Japanese RPG. But man is it a good game.


Final Fantasy XV - Certificate of Completion Final Fantasy XV โ€“ Certificate of Completion. Took me 34 hours to finish the game and I was level 43 at the end. The level matters because, there is a New Game+ mode after you finish the game.

Yes, that is an official certificate of completion, generated by the game itself. The game even allows you to select a photo for the certificate, although when I made the selection, I didn't know it was going to be used for this purpose. Still, a fun surprise after I finished the game.

I am blown away by this game. As I said in a previous post, the game has flaws, but man what an experience finishing this game. I will talk more about it in a proper game log post, but this is just an update on this game and this blog. I haven't been posting as much because I've been playing more, trying to finish games. And finally finished this one. What a really good game!

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Final Fantasy XV - The Ring

I just finished Chapter 9 of Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition and holy moly... what an experience! Amazing story, amazing visuals, unexpected plot twists. The game has a number of flaws. But the storytelling and the resulting experience elevates this to a different level. This is the RPG experience I have been missing all these years. This is what Final Fantasy is all about.


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