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A compilation of goals from Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. All of these goals were from my Master League games.

Let's start off with this beautiful free kick goal from Arcas. I surprised myself here with the amount of curve he was able to put on that ball. Wonderful goal.


In this first clip, I try to take on a patrol of Hyenas and bit off more than I can chew. I did not expect them to have backup. Couple of things to note in this game clip:

  • First, the recoil on the AK-47 assault rifle seems to be straight up and slightly to the right. So, if you start shooting at the enemy's hip, the recoil will move your cross-hair up and give you a chance to get a headshot.
  • Second, using Blind Fire with a Shotgun is extremely effective, especially against Rushers. In the tail end of the video you see my character get rushed by Hyena Rushers. They are buffed with extra health, so a burst from the AK-47 was not even enough to take one down. Running out of ammo on my AK-47 and with the enemy so close, I switched to my Shotgun and just fired away without even aiming. Took down the Rushers just before they got to me.

Going out on a tear with the Mirage 2000-5 fighter.

For my second play-through of Mission 11, I flew the beautiful Mirage 2000-5 fighter. What makes this plane ideal for Mission 11 is that it can equip Long-range Air to Ship missiles. While at the same time, holding its own in air to air combat.

To trigger the appearance of the Ace IBIS in Mission 11, you have to fly through the gaps in the oil platform.

This post is Day 14 of my #100DaysToOffload challenge. Visit to get more info, or to get involved.

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In my second play-through of Ace Combat 7, I flew the Gripen E for Mission 10. The Gripen E is a multi-role fighter, so it excels in both air-to-air and air-to-ground missions. Mission 10 in particular has a good mix of both. The first part of the mission is comprised of taking out camouflaged SAM sites. While the tail end of the mission has you going up against a very agile prototype drone. In my opinion, the fight against the drone is harder than taking out the SAM sites. So, as much as I would like to have used the Gripen E's Land Attack Cruise Missiles, I opted to go with Short-Range Aerial Suppression Air-to-Air Missiles.

This first video shows footage of the Gripen E taking out SAM sites. You can see where having access to the long range Land Attack Cruise Missiles could have benefited me. At one point, while my plane was approaching two other SAM sites, I get hit head-on while trying to dodge at the last minute. Had I been able to use the Land Attack Cruise Missiles, I wouldn't even be that close to the SAM sites.


This is part 2 of the game play clips from Mission 09 with the Su-30M2 Flanker-F2. I don't know what it is about planes, but I just love looking at replays of them flying around. This is similar to how I spent time watching replays of cars racing in Gran Turismo years ago.

In hindsight, I should have included this video in the previous post. But I wasn't sure if YouTube was going to block my videos like Vimeo did, so I didn't upload multiple videos in succession.

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The Su-30M2 Flanker-F2 is one of my favorite planes in Ace Combat 7. It is beautiful and flies really well. Since it is a multi-role fighter, you can use it for air-to-air or air-to-ground missions. In this video, I'm flying it on Mission 09 of the single player campaign. It has the Erusea livery/skin on.

Got tired of waiting for Vimeo to look into why they disabled my account. First, I created a PixelFed account. I could upload photos just fine, but for some reason it would error out when uploading videos. That was unfortunate. It's almost like Vimeo and PixelFed were pushing me to upload to YouTube instead. So, I gave YouTube a try.

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One way to take out the Sweeper units from the Cleaners faction, is to shoot at their fuel tanks.

Update 1: Well that's a bummer. Not sure what's going on with Vimeo, but hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Update 2: Vimeo resolved the issue with my accounts, yay!

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When I started this online journal, one of my goals was to use it in place of social media. So, the idea was to post photos or videos here, instead of on Facebook or Instagram. Video game clips in particular was something I shared on Instagram. I no longer have a public Instagram account. And I'm running out of space on OneDrive because of my growing backlog of video game clips. So, I'm going to start a new series on here: Game Clips. These are going to contain video game clips from the various games I play/played.

To start off, I'm sharing a game clip from The Division. Before the release of the second game, this was one of my “go to” games. It is an online open-world tactical shooter that you can play solo. The story is engaging. The cover system in this game is really good, which makes combat enjoyable. It is a good game.