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12/04/2019 – Wednesday

Played Gears 5 for the first time. It is my first ever game from the Gears of War series. Very nice game. A violent game though. It does provide the option to change the “Mature Content” settings, which allow you to dial down gore and swearing in the game. I wish more video games would add those kinds of settings. It's a really good game with an interesting story and engaging dialogue.

One thing that I don't like is the aiming. It doesn't have the aim-assist that I'm used to from games like Division 2.

In Gears 5, if you aim badly, you've aimed badly. Doesn't matter what gun you are using, you're not hitting the target with a bad aim.

In Division and Division 2, your weapon has an accuracy stat that determines how good your aim-assist is. For example, you have an enemy running across the street from you. You point your crosshair in the direction of the enemy and hit the AIM button. Your weapon's accuracy stat then determines how good the aim-assist is going to be, thereby making it easier or harder to hit your target. A weapon with very high accuracy stat even allows you to aim slightly to the side of the target's body and the aim-assist will still pull the crosshair to the middle, giving you a good shot. I like this game design because it gives weapons in the game their own distinct character. It makes for a very engaging way to play the game.

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