of reveries and tales

その魂の輝きは幾万の時を越えて、地の底まで照らし出す光。 That soul's radiance is a light that goes beyond thousands of years, a light that illuminates even the bowels of the earth.

Hundreds of years have passed. How does it feel to have the only thing you want slip away from you every single time?

To inch close, and closer – only to be deprived of it. You reach and strain your hands to grasp it, the briefest of graze grants relief that lasts for a breath before Death continues to tantalize you with a mirage of false promises. Its merciless tendrils caress you in contentment, taunting you as it slithers back into the depths. The void stares back at you instead of salvation.

The hollowness cascades on you all at once. Again, yet again. Every moment of this — like an agonizing clockwork.


The hum of the subway’s fluorescent light harmonizes with the silence. What is seen through the window is simply a blur of colors, as if the world outside have melded into a painter's color palette. You look around, and noticed the passengers in this car are sitting in sparse spaces, seemingly wanting to ride in blissful solitude.

Sitting beside you is your beloved, his jacket draped over you to keep you from the cold. It's now well past 1 AM, and the two of you had just returned from your nightly rendezvous in the city. It has become a common occurrence – late night ventures such as this. One message and you knew it is no other than him standing outside your door, proposing to do your now-regular nighttime adventures with him. Venturing through the bustling city, taking in the view of beautiful buildings dappled with lights, discovering and also stopping by places that piqued your interest.


Gleaming sun, shimmering ocean, birds chirping merrily — the liveliness and vibrancy of summer fills our senses to their every nook and cranny.

The silver screen behind our closed eyes flicker before it shows the reel of our shared memories: fragments of our past summers that we spent running barefooted on lush meadows, renting beachfront bungalows, and feeling the soft beach sand under our feet as we watch the sky turn into a honey hue before it melts into deep blue. I like to think that if there was a map of us, it would be filled with traces only us can see adorning it all over – they mark all the places we have traversed together.

A garland of amber drapes over you. Under its glow, you look right at home with its golden rays that I dearly hoped this isn’t a mirage. The rhythm of my own pulsating heartbeat underneath my fingers a reminder of how alive you make me feel, and you never cease to nurture the wilting flower in me blossom back to life.

I still remember the day where we sat together before a vast landscape several summers ago; the day our hearts intertwined for the first time. I learned from your gentle touches of encouragement on my shoulder and soft strokes on my hair as you lull me into slumber, you are warm. The way your smile grows from a small bud to a beautifully blossomed flower, you are radiant. How you make me savor every fleeting moment and realize how meeting you in this lifetime means my youth spent with you, I know: you are summer.

Time usually erodes memory, but it appears to not be true whenever it comes to you. I know that even when the clock ticks and this season passes, our summer nights spent apart won’t matter – for we will once more stand at places wherever we let our wishes sail, and we will let them listen, again and again, to our tale.

It's spring, you're young, you're lovely, you have a right to be happy. — Shirley Jackson, We Have Always Lived in the Castle

It's spring. Spring days are soft: the sweet scent of cherry blossoms permeates the air, pink petals flutter gently as they sway to the wind's tune. It is the kind of day where you'd want to sit in your garden with a glass of iced tea and let golden rays of the sun kiss your skin. The heavens above are painted with cerulean blue, its palette adorned with clouds that you can spend time figuring out what shapes they make. Everywhere you lay your sight on, it is all brimming with signs of new beginnings – vibrant colors of budding blooms on the ground have replaced the traces of winter.

You're young, you're lovely. Just like the softness of spring and its cherished blooms, you are like that, too. It's in the way you approach people gently, the way you give encouragements and reassurance, to how you never cease to appreciate those around you. It is fascinating how whenever you are around, this safe and comfortable feeling seeps into our hearts. I thought of it this way: if the world is a blistering sun, you are the cooling shade of a tree we always seek to rest under; if life is a cacophony, you are the tranquility we keenly long for. You would be the sunset if you were a time of day. The warmth radiating from the gentle orange glow, the serenity that encases your heart, and fond memories swirling in your mind – you evoke this kind of tender feelings in us. Thank you for gracing us with your kindness, for always sprinkling joy wherever you go, and for being such a wonderful person and friend to us.

You have a right to be happy. As one of the flowers to bloom after winter, tulips remind me of perseverance. The image of it rising above the ground that was covered in snow and blossoming beautifully is inspiring; it ties back to you. Despite what the world has thrown at you, you never fail to get yourself up and face the world once more. The weariness caused by battling them must not have been easy for you to endure, and I want to thank you for holding on – for still being here with us. I hope you know that you do not have to shoulder all your burdens alone. Through joy and sorrow, we are with you in every step of your way, and we are here for you to lean on to – always.

Once again, thank you... no words could convey how grateful I am to have a kind friend like you in my life.

Happy birthday to you. May the softness of spring stay with you forever. Thank you for being born, and keep on blooming beautifully, our Lily. ♡

today, too, you are doing it. there are some moments where i catch glimpses of you smiling and closing your eyes in contentment. i have always wondered about the reason behind the sweet smile that adorns your face.

underneath the summer sun in a lush green meadow, you sit right beside me with your eyes closed, and that very same sweet smile i so adore has blossomed on your lips. as i look at you, my heart soars. the loveliness of your entire being is truly something no words could encapsulate. the wind caresses your face, the sun kisses your skin in such a gentle way i could only dream of doing.

i seem to be lost into a trance that i did not notice your gaze is now directed at me. ah, you had caught me looking.

‘what is it?’ you ask, an amused smile on your lips. ‘i was just wondering,’ i say, looking away to the vast landscape ahead. ’about what the reason is behind that smile you had just now.’ you look away, as well. ‘i wouldn’t dare say,’ you reply. ‘but it is something i hold close to heart.’

as your answer reverberates in my mind, the next thing i felt was a touch as light as a feather’s kiss; you had interlaced our pinkies. ‘it’s this.’ you whisper.

the warmth from your hand has completely encased mine. and we know that without us saying it, our hearts are already singing the same tune.

from that day onwards, you became someone i fondly remember as the boy i fell in love with in summer.

the moon became a quiet observer of us on this night.

the cacophony of music, boisterous sound of laughter fill the air. seeking for silence, we shy away from the revelry; we find our sanctuary in the balcony. while looking over the glimmering lights of this city, we revel in pages upon pages of memory.

you know, love – time is ever-moving; a current we could never fight against. yet at the same moment, it was benevolent enough to not erase our tales we have shared all these while: instead, it strengthens our bond.

i used to dwell so much in the past as the future was scary since it is still veiled in mystery. but ever since you came into my life, i worry about those no longer; i live in the present so i can spend more tomorrows with you.

thank you for giving me the courage to love. being with you, i get to experience the most wonderful thing humans are capable of doing. i am grateful my life has that point where it leads me to you.

thank you for being the remedy to my tired soul. life was hollow and monotone, but then in comes you who tinted in vibrant colors to my dull canvas – ever so gently, continuously, every single day.

soon during midnight, a surge of thrill will wash over us. sounds of celebration will erupt. fireworks will set off in the distance, filling our field of vision with a spectacle that adorns the palette of the night, marking the start of our new chapter.

with a clink of our cherry wine in hand, we await for the vision morph into realization. it’s only mere hours until we write a new passage in the book of ours.

amongst veiled dreams that enthrall of traverses taken during the evenfall i lay down waiting for the sky's tune, seeking consolations from the moon. the crashing tides beneath its gleam shiver as the wind gently carries her whisper:

the ardent heart a seeker; the gentle soul a wanderer. a falling star is your sign, bestowing time for strings to entwine. when the moon rises and the universe starts anew, only then will you find a love so true.

despite hearing tales of where seas cascade, with her song i am no longer afraid. the red string ‘round my heart is to lead, as the anchor lifted, the moon's words then i heed. when larks sing and the golden glow permeate, the journey again begins toward fate.

sun sets and weary from sailing long, the kind wisps lull with their song. picked a rose, pricked by its thorn, gone are the days lived forlorn! i slip into slumber of abundant dreams, as they steer to where the moon beams.

upon harboring after the ocean's blue, i was entranced; for it all leads me to you. with souls bewitched beneath the stars, entwined now are red strings of ours. we have anchored, united at this shore, there is no need to wander evermore.

after a long-winded journey the tiring kind, filled with worry where there is nothing to land on to my heart found its harbor on you. the raging storms and rolling waves reveal a way which the soul paves there you are, one who puts all worries at bay with all the certainty in my heart i say i need not look for any other place; it’s in you i find my solace.

I. There is always a little bit of you etched in the words I weave; Thoughts engulf the senses and permeate the heart Twirling the mind on autumn’s eve With you who made dreams and reality a riddle to tell apart.

Every single thing about you is worth of praise Pages of flowery tales and poems so profound Of you, one with the gaze that set hearts ablaze I am submerged and now I am spellbound.


of you who adorn all of my dreams and waking moments. i dedicate this to you, for the words will always ring true.

here i sit in silence, late at night weaving words where there would be no cacophony of sounds. your pleasant cadence in my head being my only guidance. in the darkened room where only a small light illuminates, i let myself submerge, leading me to where all the word awaits.

and so i find myself writing about you again.