Thailand / 3 Weeks Backpacking Trip / #4

**Train to Kanchanaburi, Thailand, – February 5th, 2020


After two full days of exploring it was time to leave chaotic but interesting city of Bangkok behind. The plan was to go Kanchanaburi by train and stay there for at least two nights.

**Kanchanaburi town

Kanchanaburi is a small town approximately 135 kilometers (84 miles) away from Bangkok. This place is famous for a lot of historical sights, suchs as the death railway and the Bridge on the River Kwai. I've heard some impressive stories about this place so couldn't skip this location during my trip. The area is a must visit if you are interested in WW2 sights, night markets, waterfalls and national parks.

But, before I would be able to explore the interesting place of Kanchanaburi, I had to travel some. So I booked a Grab Taxi from my hostel, and headed to Thonburi train station. The train journey from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi departs twice a day. Once at 07:45 am and once at 13:35 pm. I took the one at 13:35. , as I didn't felt in a rush.

Thonburi train station

**The train journey

The train journey was impressive and guided me through the suburbs and peaceful countryside of thailand. And the best thing about it, a one way ticket only costs 100 baht ($3) for a 3 hour train ride. For this bargain you will get a spot of your choice in the 3rd class only train! In Thailand this means, no airco and an awesome experience in a train full with locals.

$3 Train Ticket

Walk to the Hostel

Once arrived in kanchanaburi after a nice train journey, I planned to walk to my hostel (D hostel). On google maps I saw that it was only a half an hour walk away, so I ignored the annoying and intrusive taxi drivers. I put on my shoes and started walking with my 8 kilo backpack and a another small bag on my stomach.

Right next to the train station I saw what I supposed to be a night market and a 7-Eleven, so I quickly went in to get something to eat and started my walk.

Market at Kanchanaburi

The walk was not my best idea ever, as after a 20 minutes walk I found out I would not be able the cross the bridge without a car or motorcycle.

I walked back for a bit to find a taxi, but after a 10 minute walk, I still didn't find one. So I decided to sit down, and wait for a taxi to pass by. After at least 20 minutes passed by, I still didn’t saw a taxi. Although, that was what I thought so. It seemed like the taxis in town are a bit different, they are just little scooters with a sidecar. He was able to take me to my hostel for only 60 baht ($ 2). In the end, this was perhaps even cooler than the train journey, as we drove through beautiful scenery during the sunset, and I reached my hostel without any further efforts.

D Hostel Kanchanaburi

Once I arrived at the hostel, I was welcomed by a cute dog and one of the nicest hostel owners during my hole trip through Thailand. After a warm welcome I was led to my beautiful room with a view over the lake. A little later, I came back to ask her for advice about the things I wanted to visit the next day.

Hostel sunset view

Scooter, food and Night Market

After this advice, I immediately rented a scooter, as I had to cross the bridge again to go eat and stock up on some things for the day after. With advice of the hostel owner, I headed to the VN Guesthouse to grab some food. This was a good decision, as the food was delicious, and the location even better. FYI: the restaurant was located on the Kwai Yai River.

After dinner, I drove around the city, and ended up at the train station, where the night market is also located. An awesome place with a good vibe and the best street food. As I had already eaten, I decided it was time for something healthy, so I enjoyed a fresh fruit smoothie. After feeling satisfied, I returned to the hostel knowing I had to wake up early the next day.

Kanchanaburi Night Market

Of course this didn’t go as planned.Upon returning there was a Dutchman and a scottish guy sitting downstairs enjoying some beers. When they invited me to join, I couldn’t say no of course. It is always nice to meet new people while traveling and to exchange tips and experiences. After a few beers and many good conversations it was now time to go to sleep, because the alarm would wake me up at 7:45 am the next day.

Come back for part 5 of Thailand / 3 Weeks Backpacking Trip next week! ✌

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