Handy Tools – Ixion Eggbeater Drill

I got an Ixion eggbeater drill. It was in slightly rough shape, with everything working, but some surface rust, and the original finish mostly chipped off. Also, the wooden handle on the crank was gone, and the metal shaft that held the crank was nasty with rust.

Disassembled eggbeater drill

Crank shaft of eggbeater drill, very rusty

So I gave it a good bath in citrus degreaser, then cleaned it up. Turned a new handle on the lathe from a scrap of apple wood I had left from another project, and used an 8d wire nail as a new shaft for the handle. Primed the metal that originally had enamel on it, then gave it four coats of shiny new enamel, and a little oil on the moving parts. I figure the bright yellow finish (instead of the original black) will help me find it on my messy bench. The main gear appears to have been red from the factory.

Repainted and reassembled Ixion eggbeater drill

Ixion was, near as I can tell, a small manufacturer in Hamburg between the two World Wars. And a manufacturer of bigger fancier machines more recently.

Ixion 1931 advertisement

Badge from a larger Ixion machine

I initially thought this drill would spend most of its life with a countersink bit in it, but instead it carries a 3/64” drill bit for drilling pilot holes for number 2 through 4 wood screws.


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