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I got a post drill in mid-2018. Traded a woodworking buddy in Minnesota a spare laser engraver and some pictures of dead presidents for it. If you don't know, a post drill is basically a hand-powered drill press, and I've had a few projects where such a thing would be handy, especially since I haven't managed to find a completely straight 3/16 or 4/16 auger bit yet.

Anyway, yesterday morning I headed up to Siwek Lumber bright and early and came home with four “stud grade” 2×6x104” studs. Screwed one of them to the wall of the garage, resting on the sill plate, and with a half-dozen deck screws going into the stud in the wall. Then screwed two more to that, so I have a rectangular post firmly attached to the wall of the shop.

Then I got my neighbor's son to come over and help mark where the holes for the post drill needed to go, and after I drilled two pilot holes, he helped hold it in place while I got the screws in. Once the top two were in, I drilled the holes for the other four and popped in the bolts and it's ready to go.

Post drill viewed head-on

Post drill side-view

I needed to pull out one of the set screws in the handle which is stripped and drill and re-tap that, but that was a relatively quick job.


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