Knife Presentation Box

Knife presentation box, closed, end view

To go with the knife I made recently I made a box to go with it.

Knife presentation box, closed, side view

The box is poplar, with torrefied curly maple top and bottom, and a bit of walnut trim to cover the imperfect joints.

Knife presentation box, open, with knife

The knife sits on a removable piece of pine, and is held down by a bit of closed-cell foam. The box is a close enough fit that the knife can’t move much, but with the removable bits, it will be able to be reused for another gift.

Knife box, insert, knife, and foam.

The finish is a coat of tung oil, followed by four of five coats of shellac, with one of the coats on the poplar being garnet shellac to offset the slight greenish tinge of the poplar.


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