End of November 2020 Sale

As we approach the end of the year, today only we're offering a discount on a few Write.as features to help you share your NaNoWriMo novel and prepare for more writing in 2021.

eBook Export

Earlier this year, we launched a brand new way to distribute the work you publish on Write.as: via eBook. This enables anyone to download all of the posts on your blog in formats like EPUB, so they can read your blog offline via their favorite eBook reader.

To wrap up the month, today only you can buy our eBook Export add-on for 30% off the normal price — just $7. We hope this will help you share the NaNoWriMo novel you worked on this month, plus any of the blogs you publish in the future.

Write.as Pro

For us, December means a quieter time as the year comes to a close, the northern weather cools, and we look to the year ahead. It's a time when I personally do the most writing (@matt), and generally slow down.

Contrasting today's holiday of consumption and toward the goal of more creation for you in 2021, we're offering an additional 25% off our annual and 5-year Pro subscriptions. This gives you everything in Write.as Pro, including additional blogs and photo hosting with Snap.as, so you can share more words and photos with friends, family, and strangers in the year ahead.

Yearly subscribers will get a total of 50% off the monthly subscription price — coming to $54 per year. Writers who want to build a more permanent home on the web for the next five years will get 66% off the monthly price — just $180 every five years.

New users can get started with Pro here.

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