It's Our Birthday Month 🎂

February 2nd marked six years since first launched to the world 🎉 To celebrate, we initially offered a one-day sale on our Five-year Pro plan to all of our followers on social media. Now, thanks to everyone's feedback, we're extending that deal through the end of February — and launching a newsletter for future deals!

We've come far since launching in 2015 as an anonymous blogging platform. Not only have we evolved into a much more useful tool; we've enabled 175,000+ people to start blogging with zero distractions. For a little more about how far we've come, see our 6th birthday post on Twitter, the fediverse, or

As mentioned in that post, to celebrate our 6th year, you can get a 25% discount on our long-term Pro plan — now, until February 28, 11:59pm Eastern Time.

Upgrade to our Five-year Pro plan

With this long-term subscription, you can settle in and write without worrying about monthly or yearly charges. Besides giving you full access to without that nagging, recurring question — Do I really need this thing this month? — a five-year plan is also the best way to support our independent business. We truly appreciate everyone who shows their support this way, because it lets us know you're as serious about us as we are about serving you. And hey, you'll get every new feature we build for Pro users, like rich media embeds.

Future Deals

Finally, when we launched this deal, we heard from several people who were disappointed that they missed our social media posts. Of course, we're not ones to advocate for more social media use — quite the opposite. So in line with this, we're launching a brand new newsletter, Deals (powered by, naturally).

Here, you can subscribe to future deals, and receive them directly in your email inbox — no news feed necessary. As a subscriber, you'll get occasional discounts on Pro, our add-ons, mobile apps, and other paid tools. You'll also hear about features we open up for free on occasion, like for NaNoWriMo. And you'll probably even find an exclusive membership that we only share through this newsletter, just to make it enticing 🙂

To get future deals straight in your inbox, you can enter your email address below:

Thank you for 6 years!

We're proud, excited, and humbled to have made it six years as a small company building writing tools that people love. While we started from a simple idea to scratch our founder's personal itch, we've since grown into a wide-open platform that's useful to so many people around the world. We would've never reached this point if it wasn't for everyone's conversations, input, and patronage over the years.

For that, we simply want to thank you. Here's to the many years ahead!

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