Shopping Weekend 2021 Sale

It’s officially the holiday season, and today we’re unquestioningly jumping into the fray of sales you’ll find this Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend with some discounts of our own.

While we try not to ask too many questions about our esteemed consumer culture, we do like to think deeply about why someone might purchase our products this weekend. Are we just another “app” that’s going to clutter up your life and mental space? Or do we add something; enable you to do something new?

We’d like to hope it’s the latter. So we’ve chosen discounts for specific reasons we think you might like them, and outlined some of those reasons below. Here are all the sales and discounts you can catch this weekend, from Friday, November 26 until Monday, November 29 at 11:59pm Eastern. Pro

Discount: 25% off monthly and annual plans. That’s just $6.75/month or $54/year.

Why you might like it: Writing on the web is a great way to share your ideas with the world and meet like-minded people. makes that process painless enough for it to become a regular habit. Plus, in December, we’ll open — a new social space for Pro members. Upgrade to Pro

P.S. We usually only offer discounts on our annual Pro plan. This is the first time we’re also offering it on our monthly plan! Team

Discount: 25% off monthly and annual plans. That’s just $22.50/month or $225/year.

Why you might like it: Sometimes it’s better to write with others. Creating a Team lets a group of friends and collaborators publish to a single blog or newsletter, instead of individual blogs. This is a new, more advanced way to publish on, without adding more complexity. Create a team

eBook Add-on

Discount: 30% off this one-time purchase — just $7.

Why you might like it: NaNoWriMo is coming to an end, and a downloadable eBook is a great way to distribute your novel. Even if you aren’t writing one, this gives readers a clean way to take your work offline or to their favorite reading device. Buy the add-on

WriteFreely for iOS

Discount: 33% off this one-time download — just $9.99.

Why you might like it: Ideas can come to you at any time, and our official iOS app is a great way to capture them. Built with the same writing-focused flow you find on the web, it’s the most seamless way to jot ideas and publish them to your blog — whether you host it on or another WriteFreely provider. Get the app.

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