.::DCG 201 Hybrid Meet Up — August 2021 — Hybrid Circuit::.

====================================================== Date: August 20st, Friday

Time (IN PERSON): 5:00 PM EST — 8:00 PM EST

Time (ONLINE): 6:00 PM EST — ???

Location: Sub Culture (260 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ)

Meet-Up: https://www.meetup.com/DEFCON201/events/279664279/

Facebook [TOR]: https://www.facebookcorewwwi.onion/events/571249114047877/

Hackaday: TBA


Welcome to the August 2021 DCG 201 Meet Up!

We at DCG 201 and DEFCON Groups are at an odd crossroad. On one hand, restrictions have currently lessen so we can actually physically meet up again in some form. On the other hand, the DELTA Variant is on the rise across the world and even the dreaded LAMBDA Variant is on the horizon.

So our thought was, why not both?

Starting with this meet up, DCG 201 will be a Hybrid event.

This means we are welcome back to our old haunt SubCulture (we miss them so much) in Jersey City in addition to LIVE Streaming parts of our meet up online.

Each will cross over but have a slightly different experience with exclusives for both.

No matter if you want to show up for some social distancing hacking at our venue or stay safe at home and check us out online, we welcome you back to the insanity that is DCG 201.

Welcome home!

====================================================== Live Streams: ====================================================== Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/defcon201live

dLive: https://dlive.tv/defcon201

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/defcon201

Invidious [TOR]: http://grwp24hodrefzvjjuccrkw3mjq4tzhaaq32amf33dzpmuxe7ilepcmad.onion/channel/UCYDQaOHbK5trRU2CDgb0qSg

Facebook [TOR]: https://www.facebookcorewwwi.onion/groups/defcon201/

PeerTube: https://diode.zone/accounts/dc201/video-channels ======================================================



— IN PERSON @ SUBCULTURE SCHEDULE — 5:00pm — 6:15pm Meet & Greet + Open Workshops Projects + Hacker Science Theater 3000 6:15pm — 6:27pm DCG 201 Vote: What IRC Instance Should We Move To? 6:27pm — 6:30pm DCG 201 Announcements 6:30pm — 7:10pm Hypercore:// A World Of Distributed Data Structures — Paul Frazee 7:10pm — 7:30pm TBA — TBA 7:30pm — 8:00pm Wrap Up To Closing + SNACK & BAR HOPPING!

— ONLINE LIVE STREAM SCHEDULE — 6:00pm — 6:27pm PRE SHOW :: Making the DEF CON 29 Badge — Michael Whiteley Katie Whiteley 6:27pm — 6:30pm DEFCON 201 Announcements 6:30pm — 7:10pm Hypercore:// A World Of Distributed Data Structures — Paul Frazee 7:10pm — 7:30pm INTERMISSION :: After The Lifting Of The Block: Case Study Of Turkey — Khutuck, Basak 7:30pm — ??? DCG 201 ONLINE Hacker Hangout

.::OPEN PROJECTS::. Hacker Science Theater 3000 Presents: Johnny Mnemonic DCG 201 Vote: What IRC Instance Should We Move To? Subculture Raspberry Pi Arcade — Everyone DCG 201 Online Hacker Hangout — Everyone


PRE SHOW :: Making the DEF CON 29 Badge :..>Come meet the new badge makers and hear the story of how this year’s badge was created amidst a global pandemic. We’ll share tales of chip shortages, delayed parts, and late nights, as well as discuss how the badge works and what you can do with it. Maybe even some hints about the challenges within…

:..>Bio: Michael Whiteley is a husband, father, and electronics geek. He doesn’t like long walks on the beach, but prefers to be indoors with a fast internet connection.

Katie Whiteley is a wife, mother, and graphic designer. She likes long walks on the beach because there’s no internet connection.

Combined they are MK Factor, a husband/wife badgemaker team. They’ve created badges for many conferences and groups like OpenWest, Saintcon, DC801, Car Hacking Village, and many unofficial DEF CON badges. Together they earned a black badge for Car Hacking at DEF CON 24.

Hypercore:// A World Of Distributed Data Structures :..>Originally known as the DAT Protocol with the Beaker Browser, Hypercore Protocol is a peer-to-peer data network built on the Hypercore logs that are like lightweight blockchains without the consensus algorithm. In this talk, I will details how I built the Hyper Protocol, how it works and a first look into my new project; a self-hosted cloud, similar to sandstorm, that uses Hypercore to integrate the servers into a network.

:..>Bio: Paul Frazee got his start in the Web working at development agencies which specialized in e-commerce and marketing. His interest in open source and distributed systems led him to the Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB) community where he helped develop a peer-to-peer social networking app called Patchwork. After a few years working on SSB, Paul started the Beaker Browser project in order to experiment with applying p2p concepts to the Web platform.


:.>Bio: TBA

INTERMISSION :: After The Lifting Of The Block: Case Study Of Turkey (ONLINE ONLY) :..>Wikipedia was blocked throughout Turkey for almost 2,5 years until 2020. Wikimania 2021 will be the first Wikimania held after the lifting of the block. During the years of the block in Turkey, many fellow wikimedians were concerned about the situation; but most did not have a chance to learn what was happening from Turkish wiki community members. At Wikimania 2021, it will be 20 months since the access was restored; Turkish community have gained ground in “reintroducing” Wikipedia to the country.

In this presentation, we tell the story of the Wikipedia block from TR community view and introduce the work of WMTR for overcoming the negative outcomes and coming out of this situation as a more powerful, better established group.


User:Khutuck User:Basak


Hacker Science Theater 3000 Presents: Johnny Mnemonic :..>Exclusively in person join us meetings for various hacker film and documentary screenings. First up is a classic that has aged beautifully and horribly at the same time:

Johnny Mnemonic is a 1995 Canadian-American cyberpunk action thriller film directed by Robert Longo in his directorial debut. The film stars Keanu Reeves and Dolph Lundgren. The film is based on the story of the same name by William Gibson. Keanu Reeves plays the title character, a man with a cybernetic brain implant designed to store information. The film portrays Gibson’s dystopian view of the future with the world dominated by megacorporations and with strong East Asian influences.

DCG 201 Vote: What IRC Instance Should We Move To? :..> If you have been living under a rock lately, we regret to inform you that Freenode imploded under it’s own arrogance and stupidity leading to a mass exodus of IRC Channels. Since we use to host under Freenode, we plan on moving the #DEFCON201 IRC Channel to another IRC Server. We your help in us voting in a new one. The options are:

LiberaChat HackInt OFTC

We want to hear your opinions in person and you can help online by voting on our active poll on our Twitch Channel!

DCG 201 Online Hacker Hangout :..>After our lightning talks DCG 201 members will be given an opportunity to show off the various projects that they have been working on. You can join in any time as we chat and some things we might be showing off for the first time so you don’t want to miss this on the LIVE Stream!

To get the URL and Password for the group hang out, come back to this space the day of the meet up (AUGUST 20TH) at 4:00 PM EST & pay attention to our Twitter or sign up on Meet Up!

:..>What You’ll Need: If you want to get in on the action, just bring any hardware or software program you are working on. For hardware, make sure you have a camera with decent resolution. For software, make sure your screen sharing function is working. For interaction, make sure you have your microphone on your computer or headset in working order.

Subculture Raspberry Pi Arcade :..>This meet up, we are leaving our video games at home and instead relying on the Raspberry Pi Arcade machines for entertainment! Play all the video game classics from NES, Genesis, Super Nintendo & More!