Welcome to the DEFCON 201 WriteAs Blog!

DEFCON 201 is the Area Code 201 (North East New Jersey) chapter of the global DEFCON GROUPS (https://www.defcongroups.org) organization. We meet up every THIRD FRIDAY of EVERY MONTH at WHEALTH & CO. Cafe (https://whealthandco.com/) Hoboken NJ from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM to work on hardware/software/construction projects. Projects include everything from coding to network set up, soldering electronics to sewing and everything in between. We also hold special events all over New Jersey and attract hackers, phreaks, nerds, geeks, sympathizers, and more unlabelable folks.

We started this WriteAs blog (which will/is linked to our website Onion instance at COMING SOON) to not only reach out to our members in real time about meet up events but also to reply to various hot topics in the hacker community AND to highlight articles from our members about various topics.

You can find us all over Social Media at:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/defcon201nj

Forums: https://forum.defcon.org/forum/general-area/defcon-group-forums-and-or-links/u-s-defcon-group-forums-and-or-links/dc201-hoboken-nj

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1743426829004414/

Mastadon: https://hostux.social/@defcon201

GitHub: https://github.com/defcon201

Hackaday: https://hackaday.io/defcon201


— Sidepocket, Co-Founder of DEFCON 201