Tyranny of the Return Receipt

You're busy, and then somebody emailed you. You found out that the dreaded open-bait has been turned on, and it's too late.

The system has already fired an alert and you can't deny that you opened the email. Now, you are a victim of your curiosity. You should have not clicked on that piece, and you should have continued working.

Your productivity is now directly proportional to your agitated reply. Should you send it, or should you wait? If you send your reply, then it may be over in a while. If you wait, your sender may send another follow-up email. Or worst, call you. And to seal the deal, she may just pop-up anytime!

Well, sending your reply now does not guarantee freedom.

If you have not crafted your reply intelligently, then you may receive another email to clarify your response. And that would mean, another return receipt open-bait!

Admit it. You are a goner. Should you or should you not reply? Well, you should not have opened the email in the first place. Not long after you're done with what you're doing.