Elaho, an iOS Gemini Client

So, I’ve been looking for more Gemini clients. Not that Elpher is bad, but because I’m not always on my computer, as much as I’d love to just be able to sit at the computer, or more specifically, on my bed with my USB keyboard in front of me, plugged into my laptop, twenty-four seven. Unfortunately, there are times when I need to just suck it up and use my phone. For example, when I’m outside sitting on the porch during a warm day or evening, or when I’m on the way to or from work, or when I’m in my rocking chair.

So, I looked through the list of clients on Gemini’s circumlunar site, and found Elaho, a client for iOS. I liked it. It was simple, and displayed things fine. After a slightly long discussion on the Gemini mailing list, however, it got even better!

Today, I got an update on it that basically put preformatted blocks into an image item type, with the Alt-text as the image name. Something like that. And VoiceOver works amazingly well with that! So, now, I don’t even have to deal with most ASCII art! So, I can just relax and read Gemlogs with my braille display, and everything be simple, luscious, plain text! Well, plain as in readable, with headings and links and such.


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