New UNOFFICIAL Coil Telegram Community Group!!!

It all started with a request and its respective answer:

..then i realized Coil(at least for a while) will not be using Telegram to get in touch with users, instead they will be using Discourse because as Mr. Sharafian pointed “it creates a more searchable knowledge base” ...but he said too: “Nothing stopping the community from making a Telegram though”, so i took his words as an invite to make the very first(and unofficial) Coil Telegram Cummunity!!!

What is Discourse?

First thing first....I think Telegram is wide known and it is one of the most used instant messaging app around the whole world. Just to you have an idea what i am talking about here are some Telegram facts:

Telegram has everything a strong instant messaging app needs to have, but it adds new and unique features what gives it a superior level: Secret Chats(privacy and security are quite important things for Telegram and one of the most recognized features it has), share different file types up to 1.5 Gb, Two-Factor Authentication, Instant View, Multi Device access, Bots, Super Groups and Public Channels, gives the possibility to Edit messages sent and offer a way to send Payments accros the world.

While Telegram is quite known Discourse is lesser known. And the fact in here is both are used for different things but if you want to start a community to discuss, share and express your thoughs about almost everything both serve the same purpose but with different point of what is Discourse?

According to Discourse website, they define themselves as: “A 100% open source discussion platform built for the next decade of the Internet. Use it as a mailing list, discussion forum, long-form chat room, and more!”

...they stated that they are: ” attempt to reimagine what a modern Internet discussion forum should be today, in a world of ubiquitous smartphones, tablets, Facebook, and Twitter.”

If you need to know a little more how Discourse works and what are its features i invite you to go to their website an take an eye to their features:

So as you can see, we can use Discourse to build a strong community from the ground having a forum, a mailing list and even a chat room where we can share new ideas and express ourselves, creating in the whole process a searchable database with all the knowledge acquired as time passes...GREAT!!

I think Mr. Sharafian and Coil hit the point choosing Discourse to build a community dealing with Coil's users and allowing us to as for new features, making new request or even make a complaint!!! :)

But i think Telegram offers its benefits too when we speak of building a community around a project.

Telegram communities(or groups) are easier to reach, and they get your attention even if don’t want them too (new messages will bump the group higher in the chat list) and you can have several groups open in your app: it takes only one click to switch between them.

Telegram groups now support up to 200,000 members(may increase in future) and Telegram apps provide a huge number of tools to help groups admins to do their job well done and even they offer an API developers can use to develop their own bots to help manage groups too, and all that for FREE...that's awesome!!!

Having this in mind and been a strong believer in Coil and XRP's future and thinking that in order to meet user requests, something very sophisticated is not required i am happy to announce the very first Coil's Telegram Community Group!!

First i want to express my thanks to Mr. Sharafian because of attend all my requests and questions via Twitter and to Coil for giving us access to this amazing project, that if it is true that it is missing a lot, it is really great and I think it is the future(it is in Beta yet, come on, give us a break!!!)

This Group is not backed up in no ways by Coil or anyone belonging to Coil's is a lonely venture with no more courage than allows us(Coil's users) to get in touch in a very simple way: share our feelings and express ourselves the faster way to let others know what we think, or need.

Anyone could have brought to life a Telegram group regarding Coil's users(even Coil but they choose Discourse, and that's great) but this time it was me who decided to give the first step.

The group is public, wide open and i am configure it right now. I am the owner and the main admin(there could be others as time goes by) and i have a bot helping me with admin tasks i need to automate.

There will be some rules applied for proper functioning of Community but the main one is the Golden Rule wich stands for “Never be disrespectful with are responsible for everything you say”

This group is not intended for attract you more visits to your posts, so if you think you will use the group as a source of “clicks”, you're in the wrong way and perhaps you'll be banned for that.

The logo i must say is my own invention(as not allowed to use Coil's logo). As i am a software developer, crypto lover and old, rare and historical photograph enthusiat but not a designer i do my best to make a logo that looks well(I think I didn't make it after all...), perhaps teh logo will change in the future when a nice and disinterested designer join us and been aware of the “disaster” makes a better logo for this community.

I plan to allow XRP tipping in the community. As you may know there are several Telegram communities allowing tipping and rewarding great ideas posted in...but for now if you enter there will be no tipping, at least from me....but it is on the roadmap!!!

Mr. Sharafian(wich i guess is not a Telegram fan) promises us to join us at the community and while he is a very busy man he promises trying to answer the questions we made as far as possible for him.

This is an ongoing work yet but i am glad to invite you all to join us at: and express yourself!!!

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