Working dad: the maddness behind it*

I ask my readers for their permission today to publish an article that is not related to the usual things to which I am already accustomed. It's, by now, a solely article of its kind in my blog...but not for being kind unique here is lesser than others i've already is simply different.

Be DAD....WHAT????

Who could imagine such news? She was almost 6 weeks pregnant by then and couldn't even believe it!!! The news took me in bad mood: that day had been a nightmare till that unique and amazing mood suddenly change... :)

Tears, laughs and hugs...i put my hand into her belly where a tiny “egg” was brewing, asking myself for the first time if “it” was going to be a boy or a girl.

“No matter if it is gonna be boy or girl” – i said to my wife ”...will love it no matter what....”

The fact was i was very happy. I think nothing prepares you to receive such a news but from the very moment you got this info processed by your brain, is like been in heaven and you don't know you are precisely there.

” like this are amazing and shocking to the heart!”

Then you start asking yourself questions like:

“Am i prepared to be a dad?”

“What could possibly need my wife in her gestation period?”

“How many visits to the doctor?”

“Will be he/she prepared to be my son/daughter” (what?...really crazy!)

Then you realize your house maybe needs a retouch in order to make it more cozy to the upcoming baby and start preparing in your mind the budget you will need to face this “situation”...Thousands of ideas come to your mind in that moment and finally after a short period of digesting ideas and thinking about it, you realize the truth behind the news:

Your life as you know it has just ended ... in a good way :)

A new day has arrived...
Well, here we are after 9 months of a patient and dedicated waiting. In that time every care we tooked was not enough to assure mother and baby's health...but finally here we are, and it is the most awaited moment but the most scary one....

And the thing is that fears invades us even if we try to stay calm saying deeper in our heads that everything is gonna be alright. That very moment....the most important one is the scariest: **giving birth...

”...the wait becomes interminable”

Then, after hours waiting for some news, sweating and eating nails, finally a hopeful voice rises in the other side of the room you are and gives you the best notice of the year:

...congratulations father, everything was fine, they both are ok....!!!'re DAD!!! :)

You feel your body relax, no more sweating, no more eating nails. A feeling of peace runs through your whole body then, before running to the bedrom where your growth family is, you realize you have now another thing to live for...

With safe steps you walk into the room, then smile....yes everything was fine!!!

Happy days...crazy nights

A new life has started and you wanna no missing a single moment to be with your newborn. The feeling is great: you're dad now and have a bunch of responsabilities... and you can add to your social profile in every social media you have the words: “loving dad” :) ...quite good!!

The thing is you really have several responsabilities now. And that remembers me a famous phrase that states:

With great power comes great responsibility

...and is very true. The Spider Man's uncle was not wrong....

You have a “power” now...The power of being dad and that comes with a great responsability indeed: you are responsible for your child, for dressing him, for feeding him, for education, for his behaviour....a real Super Hero task!!!

One of the main concerns of new parents is night time because is well known babies are active most part of the days but nights, well, they are like Batman: they love the darkness indeed.

The days as parents passes with high activity level because the child as the mother requires high attention to their needs and you play here several roles, but the role of a supplier is the most needed of all. The day is passing and then comes the night(mighty night), that is the moment you think you will have to have a rest from the daily struggle...but it isn't....

Night is a very important part of the day regarding baby's care because the night is tricky and a newborn baby needs your cares even from night even on early morning too.

“Night is peaceful but tricky...your baby needs you even no rest for you :)”

The days are a piece of cake compared with nights because all day's accumulated fatigue you wanna eliminate it at night..but you can't. Your baby doesn't rest more than a couple of hours and from time to time your wife needs to wake up to feed the baby and you, well, you can't hit an eye all night worried about the baby's well-being (I'm so sleepy...)

*“Who doesn't know this position called the -*H of Hell-”

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The time passes and is morning you wake up(or rewake up by 23rd time now) and all started again...but wait you need to go to work....Damn!!!

Working dad...

Now has come the time when your baby is a little grown: he crawls and he is even trying to take his first steps, cute baby steps.. :)

You are a working dad and every day training for at least a year have converted you into a super daddy by now. Nights have become more quiet and bearables for you and for all in the family. Your child recognizes you as his daddy and even if you do not know he is waiting for you to become a “cool daddy”...the child always know...

Been a working dad and a cooler one is not always an easy thing.

”...we dads need to work too”

Since the first day when you receive the notice your wife was expecting a baby you try to get used to the idea a baby is a

“time consuming thing” ...and it is for sure. You need(and should and want to) spend time in home, with baby and your wife but life is life and as anyone else in the world you need to go to work in order to get the necessary things you need for a living, to provide your baby and your wife with the best things the money can pay for and you can afford to.

Everyone knows that going to work is at least something very stressful more if you have a baby and your job is plenty of problems in a daily basis. Your life is a cycle that repeats every day after another with almost exactly the same routine: baby night...wake up...go to work...return from night...and so on. It can be really stressful for a non mentally prepared working daddy.

The good news is you are plenty of time to prepare yourself for when this time comes...and you must do it because otherwise maybe you turn a bit crazy at all and becomes into a dad none wants to have. Your wife's help is very welcome at this stage of the life because is she who passes the most part of the time attending baby, so is she who knows better the baby's needs.

You need to rebalance your daily routines trying to find a way to be a nice worker and a cool daddy, after all that what society and your baby expects from you.

”...your son expects you to become a cool daddy. Don't let him down”

As said before: be both types of father is not quite easy as could be imagined before, but you must do it...Going to work is a must, is something needed by you and your family but be a nice and cool dad is a must too because is what your child is expecting from you.

Sometimes is hard to hold both positions, especially when you have had a bad day at work and return home trying to find some peace, a peace that if you are smart enough you can achieve just by being cool with your childs. They can be annoying sometimes but if you know how to seize the moment...that moment will bring you peace and will disconnect you from the problems at work fast enough.

As you can see be a working dad and a cool one is not easier but it is a thing that can be done just you need to love your kids a lot, you need to feel you in a true father's skin and get a rebalancing done between work tasks and home ones.

Saying good bye...for now!!

This article is dedicated to all fathers, especially to new ones that, like me, have find in our childs an escape way to our daily work problems.

But it is especially dedicated to my son Félix Ernesto, the little thing in my life wich makes me a better person than i was before he comes to my life to fill it with more happiness(*)

And remember: every time you spend with your childs is not a wasting of time... it is fuel for your life and happiness for your be a cool dad, be his Spiderman, be his hero...sooner or later you will be rewarded with a bunch of kisses and a rainbow of hugs: i can't image a better way to live our lives.

And finally...

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