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I'm just trying out something new here, and this is just a work in progress. Medium is pretty large. When I initially joined Medium, it was small, and they weren't able to keep it that way.

Now, I know every company has to scale and make revenue one way or another, but there are still ways to make and maintain small communities. Medium's publications feature allows a group of writers to come together but doesn't allow them to communicate inside Medium. Medium's tags feature allows lots of users to write posts that are grouped together under that tag, but tag pages are still rudimentary.

I think the biggest change Medium can make is to create filters on the home stream. The ability to filter posts by topic, publication or user is powerful. Quora does this. Facebook does this. YouTube does this. Google+ does this. Gmail does this. Tumblr does this. Medium should also do this.

The second thing to change on Medium is collections. They're smart because they divide each user's writing into subdivisions. They should allow writers to add a post to a collection from both the collection page and the post page (and the edit mode of the post page).

Medium should allow readers to group similar collections from different users together into their own streams. Having great defaults is awesome but giving each user the ability to customise their home stream and feel in control of their reading experience is just as, if not more, important.

Instead of just catering to the whim of publications like the Ringer, and focussing on revenue revenue revenue, Medium should have a part of the team make the reading experience greater too.

Medium's home stream is pathetic, and using the “show fewer stories like this” only perpetuates the filter bubble mentality that most social networks follow today, where each user is shown only what they'd like and recommend and nothing that can delight or pleasantly (or even unpleasantly but interestingly) surprise the user.

My English is bad, but my thoughts are not invalid, are they? Also, when will write.as get comments?