Much of today's approaches to media/advertising, education, and psychology are based upon Albert Bandura's social cognitive theory.  This theory asserts that human moral development and an individual's choices are determined by a combination of that person's thoughts and behaviors intermeshed with his own environment.   Marketing specialists, educators, and psychologists attempt to tap into this knowledge by using it to change behavior.  Students undertaking research papers on Albert Bandura's social cognitive theory should thoroughly research the history and implications of social cognitive theories, as well as the applications thereof.  This research should be accomplished via effective sources on social cognitive theory and perhaps other papers on social cognitive theory.

Albert Bandura's social cognitive theory states, in a nutshell, that people learn by watching what others do in various situations.  When an individual is presented with a choice, they process what they have seen others do and weigh the perceived outcome.  This explains why people may steal, for instance, when they know it is wrong.  The reward they get for stealing outweighs in their minds the reward for keeping their integrity.  Inversely, people may choose not to perform a good action, like helping a mugging victim, because fear of the consequences (getting hurt themselves or being late for work) is worse than the potential reward they would achieve for being a good Samaritan.

Albert Bandura's social cognitive theory is perhaps best illustrated by his study called "Bobo Doll Behavior:  A Study of Aggression".  In this trial, children were asked to watch a violent video and then observed while they played with a Bobo doll.  Children who watched a violent video treated the doll much more aggressively than children who were given the doll without having first witnessed the violence.

Students writing research papers on Albert Bandura's social cognitive theory, should thoroughly detail the many applications of social cognitive theory in advertising, education, and psychology.   By studying related topics on write my essay website like Lawrence Kohlberg's theory of moral development,  students will begin to grasp practical applications of Albert Bandura's social cognitive theory in fields relating to learning styles, early childhood development, and many more.

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