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Journal Entry – 009

Probably one of my last online journal entries before I take the 30 day break for the digital declutter phase. I'm typing this out while holding on to a guitar. That's what limiting videogames to 1 hour and removing browsers from my phone did, it gave me ample time to play a guitar.

I started out by searching for chords, for songs from The Beatles. Played In My Life first, then Help, then Let It Be and on and on until I went past 1 hour playing the guitar. Also just wanted to say that pop songs today, don't hold a candle to songs from the past. You get at most what, 4 different chords in one song nowadays? My brain and my left hand got a workout trying to play all those A7/G, Bm7, F6 and other forgotten chords from the 60s/70s.


These are a list of rules that I'm going to be following during the 30-day digital declutter phase. I'm already trying to follow some of the rules on here, but I think I will officially start it on the 20th for a good round number.

Messaging Apps:

  • Text Messages/iMessage: Allowed
  • Facebook Messenger: Not allowed
  • Groupme: Not allowed


  • Mobile Phone Apps:
    • Outlook: Allowed (needed for work) but can only be used during daytime, except on support calls.
    • Yahoomail: Allowed (needed for two factor authentication) but can only be used during daytime.
    • Protonmail: Not allowed
  • On PC: Allowed at work
  • On Tablet: Not allowed

Web Browsing:

  • Mobile Phone Apps:
    • DuckDuckGo: Not allowed
    • Safari: Not allowed, except for when I really NEED to lookup something.
  • On PC: Allowed at work
  • On Tablet: Not allowed, except for when I really NEED to lookup something.

Writing to Online Blogs/Journals:

  • Software Dev Blog: Not allowed, except for once a month.
  • Online Journal: Not allowed (try to write entries on the Bullet Journal instead)
  • Gaming Journal: Not allowed (try to write entries on the Bullet Journal instead)

Reading Blogs/Journals:

  • Mobile Phone: Not allowed
  • On PC: Allowed at work but only limited to educational/career topics like those on software development and productivity.
    • Jalopnik: Not allowed
    • Speedhunters: Not allowed
    • Read.write.as: Not allowed
    • ESPN: Not allowed
    • News sites: Not allowed
  • On Tablet: Not allowed

Reading/Educational Apps:

  • iBooks: Allowed
  • Kindle: Allowed
  • Audible: Allowed

Social Media Apps:

  • Instagram: Not allowed
  • Facebook: Not allowed
  • Twitter: Not allowed

Video Games:

  • Mobile Phone Games: Not allowed except for Davin's games (I don't play those anyway).
  • Xbox One: Allowed with restrictions.
    • Allowed for the 30-40 minutes in the morning where I have to watch Davin while he sleeps.
    • Allowed at night for a max of 1 hour of play time.
  • PC Games: Not allowed

Video Streaming Apps:

  • Netflix: Same operating restrictions as the Xbox One.
  • Crunchyroll: Not allowed
  • Youtube: Not allowed
  • Pluralsight: Allowed (in fact, this should probably be used as replacement for watching Netflix or playing video games.)

Music Apps:

  • Spotify: Allowed
  • Pandora: Allowed

Navigation Apps:

  • Apple Maps: Allowed
  • Waze: Allowed
  • Google Maps: Allowed

Misc Apps:

  • Weather Channel App: Allowed
  • Apple Notes: Allowed, except when I have a pocket notebook on me.
  • OneNote: Allowed, except when I have a pocket notebook on me.

General Rules:

  • Apps that are categorized or used as tools will be allowed, like the Calculator, Calendar and other such apps.
  • Apps that have infinite pools, in other words infinite news feeds, will not be allowed.

#DigitalMinimalism #DigitalDeclutter

Journal Entry – 008

Not quite ready to start my 30-day digital declutter phase yet, but I did work on the rules I will be following during this upcoming exercise. I will post them on here sometime this week.

I spent some time today going over the apps on my smartphone. I've already removed a bunch before, but I ended up removing more in preparation for the digital declutter phase.


Journal Entry – 007

Good quiet weekend. I got my Father's Day gift a day early from the wife. I had her buy me new books from Cal Newport: Digital Minimalism and Deep Work. I've already started reading Digital Minimalism and I love it. This is my kind of book. I'm hoping I can get some fresh new ideas to help combat my smartphone addiction.


Journal Entry – 006

I just recalled a discussion I had with my wife a few weeks ago about an advantage online journals had over their paper counterparts; you can embed photos and videos to online journals. I couldn't have been more wrong, especially on the part about embedding photos. You can attach photos to paper journals, you just have to print them first! (Insert mind blown/face palm gif here... I'm too lazy to find one right now...)


I thought this was an incredibly good read.

The art of Vocational Friendship, you see, is to keep your contact with friends only to those points where you’re mutually sympathetic. With some friends you may find many pleasant points of contact, with some only a few. But almost every person you meet has at least one quality that you can enjoy. That is the way I think that we should look at our friends. Focus on the quality you like best.

Link: How Not to Be Disappointed With Your Friends

Journal Entry – 005

For a month or two I've been using the Bose In-ear Soundsport wired headphones at work. Today I thought I would bust out my old Audio Technica M50s. Wow... I have missed this... pure musical bliss...

Currently listening to this track...

#JournalEntry #Headphones #AudioTechnica #Bose

Tried using a pencil on my Bullet Journal yesterday. I got a no. 2 pencil from the office supply room, a basic pencil from Staples. Was an interesting test. I've forgotten how it feels to write using a pencil. It feels nice! The way the pencil just glides over the paper, it feels so much better than using a pen. I could write way faster and it didn't smear at all. And if I make a mistake, I can just do a CTRL+Z with the eraser. Brilliant.


Journal Entry – 004

Wife has been asking what I want for Father's Day. The ones I have at the top of my list are Field Notes pocket notebooks and a Fisher Space Pen... Yes I have a smartphone. Yes it has note taking apps in it. Yet I'm still attracted to this idea of going old-school; recording thoughts and ideas using pen and paper. It would also give me less of a reason to reach for my phone during the day.

Anyway I think I am getting old. I probably should just ask for new black loafers.


Just realized this while playing Fallout 4 this morning, the Pipboy Watch in the Fallout games is actually a smart watch! It can you show you your health data (stats and perks). It has a map and can help you navigate said map. It also has a radio for listening to music. It is basically an Apple Watch minus the “move rings”. Who needs “move rings” when you have raiders/monsters chasing after you at every corner? The nature of the nuclear wasteland itself will force you to stay in shape LOL.

The only thing the game designers didn't get right is the size. The Pipboy watch in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 is huge compared to the smart watches that we have today. But at the same time, the Pipboy doesn't need to be charged every night. So I guess the size allows for a battery that lasts... forever? Or maybe it is solar powered? I don't know, but it is interesting to wonder what the Pipboy would look like had Apple or Fitbit designed it.

#VideoGames #Fallout4

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