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How to Love Everyone Unconditionally in Your Way

Everyone has their definition of love. To say, in my view, love is the answer to everything. What's your take on love?

Love isn't everything; it's the only thing” ~ Steven Hayes.

In the past and contemporary times, love has always been the answer to every problem and dissatisfaction. Love is a pure emotion that we have somewhere failed to understand. It doesn't mean agreeing on everything, even when you are not comfortable in the situation. Love is the only way to completion.

Love means being you, being patient, respecting others and their opinions even when you disagree.

Many people want to express themselves and want to love everyone, but they cannot look for the right actions or right words. Therefore, this blog will be all about certain suggestions to love everyone and feel the completion within you.

Look for Good Things in People

As humans, we feel insecure when we see someone better than us. To bring ourselves at ease, we start looking at their negativities. This insecurity holds us back from expressing ourselves. To get over this habit, make your mind to look at the positive things in people. If you like someone's voice, tell yourself aloud, “s/he has a pretty voice.” The more good you think about others, the better you feel about yourself.

Stay Calm with Mean People

It is a common psyche to treat a person as they treat you. It's easy to get angry or be mean to the other person in a drastic situation, but this rush of anger impacts your peace of mind. Therefore, if you stay calm in a bad case, you have a hold of the situation. When everything around you is devastated, it takes courage to remain calm, but love is contagious. If you stay normal in front of the person who is mad at you, you can alter their mood.

Be a Good Listener

If you are not good at expressing your feeling or don't know how to tell the other person you are there for them, start listening to them. Today, all of us want to say something, but no one is ready to hear what the other person says.

Once in a while, sit with your friend and listen to them. Keep your judgments aside; do not inspect them. Have all your ears to them just for the sake of letting them know you are always here. If you can give this relief to someone, there is nothing more significant than this feeling.

Stop Being Judgmental Towards Others

Since childhood, we are conditioned to categorize people in various categories and fit them into the titles of “us” and “other.” Sometimes we do not want to judge people, but it is so deep-rooted inside us that we unintentionally look at people from that eye.

To stop yourself from being judgmental, and to be fair with everyone, analyze your thoughts when you meet new people. When you accept the fact that you are biased toward people, then it becomes easy to overcome the habit. To bring everyone on the same page in your life is the only way to spread love and happiness. Because you never know, there might be someone out there who is done with all the fat-shaming, body shaming and is looking for a pair of eyes to recognize him/her as a normal human being.

Be Real

Loving someone doesn't mean to agree with them in every situation. If you think what they are doing is incorrect, share your thoughts. No one is perfect; if you feel like a person's habit can be harmful to them, you should address it. Love doesn't mean following someone blindly, but to be a supportive element for them to grow and become a better person.

Feel Delight in Other's Success

When a person achieves success, there are many smiling faces around him, but very few people genuinely feel happy for you and become a part of your success, and the love of such people can be felt easily. All of us have very few people who be a part of our success. Let's become that positive person in other's life to spread love and happiness.

Help People Overcome their Past Experiences

Due to some terrific experience in the past, some people think they do not deserve to be loved and consider themselves incapable of loving someone. Don't impose yourself on them or try to make them believe in love with mere talks. Stay calm and be around them whenever they are in need. Every wound takes time to heal, and love is the ultimate key through the journey of healing.

Don’t Forget to Love Yourself

The one who adores themselves will be able to share that feeling of love more perfectly with others. Loving yourself is the art that we all lack. Begin to spread the happiness from the person inside you.

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