Call it Christmas!!

Look at What Christmas Means to me!

It's finally that time of the year when all the political tension and everything running around us is on a short break. Everyone is waiting for Christmas. Are you too?

We are celebrating Christmas for years maybe that's why we have somewhere lost the charm of this festival. No doubt, it's a big day for Christians. It was the day when the son of God was born for the redemption of humans' sins. Some people are also excited about this time of the year because of the change in the season.

We remember these things by heart, but we have been too busy in our lives, in our work lately that we have forgotten to appreciate our festivals. The other night while listening to Stevie Wonder's song,

*“Candles burnin' low, lots of mistletoe.

*Lots of snow and ice, Everywhere we go.

*Choirs singin' carols, Right outside my door.

*All these things and more

*That's what Christmas means to me, my love.”

I realized how beautiful Christmas is. It is the season of joy, but we are too busy to acknowledge the beauty, the piousness of Christmas.

Therefore, I took some time out and thought about what Christmas means to me. Then I realized it is not just a day but meant something more to me. So, I am going to share everything I love about Christmas with you through this blog.

1. The Christmas tree

*Yes, the Christmas tree has made it to the top of my list of affections for this festival. A beautifully decorated Christmas tree is something that I love about this festival. The neighborhood decorated with flashy lights, Christmas trees, and the reindeers turns your surroundings into a Christmas wonderland.

2. Time with Family and Friends

*Spending some quality time with family and friends is the thing we all miss a lot usually. That is why I love Christmas because this festival's fundamental aspect is to celebrate it with your loved ones. On this day, people living in different nations come to visit their loved ones. The mere idea of a get together with my family and friends is complete joy in itself.

3. Christmas Feasting

*What is a celebration without food? And how can we eat regular food on such a big day! Well, Christmas lunch and dinner is not complete without the spread of seafood, especially oysters, prawns, and roast meat.

4. Giving the Gifts

While we are enjoying the festival, some people can't afford such luxuries. Therefore, people volunteer to help them because everyone deserves to be happy at such a huge festival.

*Doing charity is not a ritual but an effort done by some people willing to feed the poor. Suppose there is a person who was not expecting any visitor or gifts, suddenly someone comes to meet him with a gift what would be the level of happiness in that person's life in that particular moment. This rush of joy is what Christmas means to me.

5. Playing Games

*When your family and friends are together, you try to do everything that you enjoy. Playing outdoor games like tennis, football and cricket are one of such things. After such a heavy lunch, this activity is a must to work off the fat.

6. Go Caroling

*Christmas is all about God and religion. If you like listening to carols and singing them, why not sing your favorite hymns with friends and family? Caroling can be arranged easily in the neighborhood. This is how you can remember God and sing your favorite carols.

7. Christmas Parade

*This part of Christmas excites me today as well. I love the colors and the music of the Christmas parade. It is like a symbol of the onset of the festival.

The best thing about the Christmas parade is, no matter where you are. In your hometown for vacations or at Walt Disney, there will be some sort of Christmas celebration for sure. That will be enough to cheer up your whole family.

8. Enjoy the Snow

*Christmas is the perfect time to enjoy the winters. Step out, roam around in the neighborhood, in the middle of the snow. What could be more aesthetic than this view! There is no age restriction to enjoy the view. So, get up and play in the snow.

9. Bake Cookies

*Most of you might be waiting for this point. So here it is! Though I am not good at baking but with my friends' help, I give it a try once a year. Most of the time, my attempts to bake good cookies fail, but I like the fragrance. So, it's okay!

10. Decorate your Ugly T-shirts

*Sometimes at Christmas party, we have this theme to wear an old ugly t-shirt. To add fun to it, we decorate it with colors and glitters to make it wearable.

Hey find out what this means to you...

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