Live to Work

Don't Work your Life Away

In today’s fast-paced world, almost everyone is running after money. Long working hours and fewer resting hours have made us like robots. Undoubtedly, work is the major aspect of our lives. Earning money is good, but running after it is insane.

Today, work profiles define people. So, what do you do? The answer decides how we are going to present ourselves or judge others. In simple words, our happiness matters in terms of job profiles and how successful we are. That’s it!

But have you ever wondered if this is the reason we were born? Or is this the type of life we want? Probably not!

In the end, You Only Live Once (YOLO). Think of being on a deathbed and wishing if you had been happier, expressed your feelings, stayed in touch with your friends, or hadn’t worked that much.

How are we working our Life Away?

Let’s face it, nowadays; society defines happiness by a big car, big home, and luxuries we own. Almost everyone is focusing on filling their banks rather than depleting physical and mental health. Instead of our family, friends, and hobbies, our careers and jobs become our only priority.

Even if the job is fulfilling, working 40 hours a week makes us stressed and lost. Moreover, we miss several activities, outdoor adventures, celebrating important events and more. It's sad, isn’t it?

Learn to Say ‘No.’

Life is too short to wake up with regrets! This phrase seems so true on this point.

You have a whole life to work, but have you ever thought about the special moments that can become lasting memories? You can't get those if you are exhausted every day. Spending time with family on special occasions, late-night birthday surprises, Christmas eve, and a lot more. These are the memories to cherish forever.

But who will be going to remember you if you miss those even special events working at the office? Not even your boss!

So, rather than missing those special moments, don't be afraid to say NO to your boss. Remember, family and friends come first; the rest is secondary. You can get another job, but you can't get your family members and moments with them again. When you spend special time with your loved ones, you will always remember the look of your parents' and grandparents' happy faces! That’s precious. Aren’t they?

Balance your Work and Personal Life

One of the most self-destructive ways to destroy life is to be a workaholic. This is a type of personality who keeps on running from task to task coming up. Such people do not have any personal space, and in the end, only a heart attack can awaken such people. Work-life balance is important. This balance refers to prioritizing the demands of both career and personal life. A good work-life balance has several positive effects: a greater sense of well-being, lower burnout risk, and less stress.

While a job is crucial, it should not be your whole life. Before taking the position, you were an individual. So, make sure to take time for yourself and indulge in any activity or hobby that makes you happy.

Make sure to set boundaries for yourself and your colleagues to prevent burnout. When leaving the office, avoid answering official emails and think about upcoming projects. Whether you are working from home or office, determine your working hours and resting hours.

When you keep a work/life balance, you will start enjoying your work even more. It won’t seem like a burden anymore. Also, your loved ones will be happier as you are spending quality and quantity of time with them.

Take Charge of your life

Although most of us think that we control our lives, think again! The truth is our thoughts control our life.

Remember, if you feel anxious, stressed, depressed, pessimistic, angry, sad, embarrassed, and more, you are just wasting your life. So, figure out what you want to do in your life? What makes you feel happy? Ask yourself, where you feel more fulfilled, optimistic, and loved? Then start making plans. Write down the things you want to do, and then start taking steps to get there.

When you give priority to your life, it seems more beautiful and worth living. So, just stop wasting your life and give yourself a pep talk and say, “It’s my life, and I will make it more beautiful. I am going to live the life that I want.”

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