New Year...New You

8 Ways to Hit the Reset Button of Life this New Year

New Year is the perfect time for new beginnings. Do you, too, believe in this saying?

It’s already the middle of December, and New Year is around the corner. Each one of us is excited for this year to end. 2020 has been a nightmare to all of us when we understood that life is uncertain and carpe diem is everyone’s mantra of life. Still, the year 2021 is a hope to everyone. People are longing to meet their loved ones; they await hugging to be back in trend.

Well, after this bizarre year, we all should hit the reset button of our lives with this New Year. Now you must be thinking, how? Have patience; this blog will tell you how you can start your New Year on a positive note and grow in field of your life. Continue reading to check out the list.

Be True to Yourself

Ask yourself questions like, “What am I good at?” “What o I feel passionate about?” “What am I doing in the field of my passion?” “Am I going anywhere in life?”

These questions are uncomfortable, but you must ask these questions to yourself before anyone asks you these. Then if you do not have any answers to these questions, it might harm your self-respect.

Analyze Where You are Investing Your Energy

There are many things that you do in a day voluntarily or involuntarily. Analyze all your activities and keep track of the time that you invest in each activity. Once you have this record in front of you, look at how the activities serve you to achieve your goal. Now you have a clear vision of which action you should keep on doing in the New Year and which one needs to be halted.

Leave Your Past Behind

Write down all the grudges and regrets you are holding inside you. If you have guilt about what you did to someone, then confront your feelings. Let them know how sorry you are. Honesty is the way to completion so try to be honest when you confront your guilt. Taking the actions help you overcome the thing that had been disturbing you for a long time.

Cry, scream, and let out what you are holding back in your heart and start the New Year on a happy note.

Take a Step Forward

We all know it takes blood and sweat to achieve our dreams, yet we sometimes compromise them. It is so because we find it hard to quit our comfort zone. “Good job,” these two words drag you toward mediocrity. So, train yourself to push your limits and list all the things you need to do to take you near your goal. Leave your lazy and insecure self behind this year and start the New Year with your version of self, which is more of a doer.

Do Not Make Resolutions

Yes, you read it right! Resolution word has this stigma attached to it that their life is only till February. Instead, set targets for yourself. Make an advance planner. Maybe things may not turn out your way; perhaps they do. It’s worth taking a chance.

Get off Useless Materialistic Things

We humans have this habit of sticking back to materialistic things to honor a moment attached to them. If that thing is hurting you in any way, then it’s time to get rid of it. Go through each room in your house, collect all the broken things, all the things that are of no use to you anymore, and throw them. When you throw the clutter outside, it feels light and fresh.

Focus on Money Section of Your Life

There is no particular age to start earning. Set a goal for yourself, how much money can you earn by the end of 2021. When you have decided the figures, make a list of options to earn that amount. Then decide what actions are needed to execute these options. You’ll then have a manual of work and your success in front of you.

Take Out Time for Self-Care

Don’t tell me you’ve been doing self-care during the lockdown because no one was. If you genuinely were, I respect your actions. Start taking self-care seriously. It can be emotional or physical. If you think you need to see a therapist, be vocal about it.

You’ll never feel the need to work out, but it’s vital for you. The workout is not only mandatory to balance your body weight but to lead a healthy life. If doing exercise seems too heavy, yoga can be an effective and light option for a healthy life.

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