What's Love Got To Do With It?

Love, and it’s Magical Properties

It is a universal fact that humans are emotion-driven. No matter how good of grasp you have on your feelings, certain ones are bound to overpower what your brain signals to your body. We all have been there at least once in our lifetime. Some feelings might not be clear enough for one to recognize, and despite that, we perform certain actions based on the feelings we are going through unknowingly.

Isn’t it strangely amazing?

Helping your mother in household errands, assisting your father with some computer-related work, trying to make your friends happy, or making a girl/boy you have a crush on are examples of love. It need not necessarily be a big enough effort to come into notice by everyone around, but small and subtle gestures that you and the person on the receiving end somehow knows of. We humans have the capability of deciphering what is love and react to it almost instantly. Human psychology is a very interesting subject, isn’t it?

Everyone has his/her unique way of expressing love, which is not going to match the receiver’s always, but that doesn’t affect the feelings of either of the person. It can also be said that added uniqueness might also multiply the love transferred.

Love multiplies

To understand this, we must first take into account how does love affects one’s personality. Take a common example; when a couple is in love, they will both transfer positive energy amongst themselves and those they are in contact with. Love induces a sense of comfort and excitement in an individual. Moreover, it makes us take certain actions which we wouldn’t have done otherwise.

Now, these feelings are transferred from us to another person through gestures or even vibes. The person, say your friend whom you will meet for a casual lunch, will automatically feel uplifted when he is around you as you will be enthusiastic. Connect the dots.

Love can be subtle yet effective

Isn’t it magical that the simplest of the actions can deliver a powerful act on the other person’s thought process? Ever gave a pay raise to one of your workers? If you would’ve noticed, they would do extra work for you just because of the pay raise. Maybe even try to help your mom, she will cook the dish you love the most. That’s the power of love. The more you express, the bigger will be the effect if the receiver has the same level of feelings for you.

It just happens

Of course, you can ignore your feelings for some time or might be unaware of, but you cannot stop them from happening. Love is such a feeling which tends to happen over time, and when you are usually aware of it, you are already in a deep state. You can ask any of your friends who are in a relationship, and they will certainly answer the same.

You don’t need to know the person

Love, at first sight, sounds too filmy, but it happens in real life as well. Ever saw someone walking by, and you can’t stop thinking about him/her and possibly want to get in touch with that person? Our hormonal changes fuel out feelings and hence love.

But there are chances this might not be true for all; some people love to get to know the traits of his/her potential partner.

Love is bounded

Love doesn’t “depend” on someone’s age, religion, gender, or any such aspect. It is what you feel for the person, and nothing else matters. Such things cannot bind it, and neither should it be because all of us are humans, after all.

When an individual is deeply in love, they will be the most positive person he/she has ever been in his entire life. This has been backed by scientific researches as well. The force of love is so strong that it can even uplift a person from depression! Depression is a critical mental state that many people fail to come out of even when seeking psychological help.

Love is a motivational force

There have been several medical cases where the loved ones motivated the patient(s) and helped boost their will power. This is even regarded by best doctors around the world.

Hey I have some words of inspiration for ya......

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