What's Right is Right

Reasons Why You Should Always Stand for what is Right

The truth is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it”― Venugopal Acharya

Have you ever been in a situation when you had a definite belief about something but the people supporting the wrong thing were more, so you backed out? Most of us choose the easy path.

Since childhood, we have always heard our elders saying, “Always do the right thing.” They told us the difference between right and wrong things but didn't tell us how to fight for the right when the whole world is standing for the unjust.

There are always three types of people; the first one is who take the easy path and follow the wrong part, the second category is of people who have proper justifications of why they support this idea and why it is right, and the last category comprises of people who have nothing to say about the issue. They do not support either side and stay neutral.

The exciting thing about these divisions is that everyone thinks their perspective is the “right perspective.” But the most acceptable right thing is when the decision or your actions are beneficial for a good number of people.

Only a few people have the guts to stand against the odds and fight for the right thing. It is not easy to voice your perceptions because people in the other category will do whatever they can to preserve their narrative and oppress yours.

People who support the right thing always have some vital points to present and contribute to society, but they fear standing against the crowd. Therefore, we see some counted faces who give their complete self to stand for the right thing.

The world is changing now, and we need more faces and more people to come out with their opinions and take a stand for what is right. If you are still thinking about how your voice will make a difference, you will get all the reasons to fight for the right thing in this blog.

People want Someone to Initiate

Some people are born drivers, and some are born passengers. People with qualities of the passenger are damn afraid in taking the steering in their hand. So, they wait for someone to take the initiative, to come forward with the ideas about the right thing. If you have driving qualities in you, you know what you are doing, then come along, take your seat and begin the show. Once you come forward with your stand, you will be joined by people with the same mindset.

Show the Other Side of the Issue

For every existing idea, you will find multiple narratives. The narrative that we will be striving for will gain a high amount of recognition. It is most commonly seen that the narrative presented with confidence and loud voices start imbibing inside people's minds. Therefore, you cannot just let your voice be suppressed. If you think people are being manipulated and you have the right point of view to share with them, and you have all the proves to justify your thoughts, then take a stand for it.

Spread Awareness

When it comes to choosing between right and wrong, unawareness can lead to making bizarre decisions. Hence, to give them a clear idea about the thing, you can only spread awareness by educating people about the topic if you are well versed with the right and wrong of the issue.

Makes You Feel Good

Whenever you stand for the right thing, your heart supports you. You will stand firm without considering the consequences of fighting against the odds because you have wisdom by your side, and nothing can beat that feeling. When you are standing for the right cause, you start feeling good about yourself, and it is the most empowered feeling.

You Feel Powerful

When you do all your research; find all the facts in favor of your point of view, it gives you positivity. Even if you are standing alone against thousands of people for the right thing, it gives you the power not to let your voice down. The right things always give you the ability to see into the wrong's eyes and tell them that the correct form still exists.

Be an Example

When you fight for the right thing today, your voice will be remembered for years. You will become an example for others who cannot tolerate the wrongdoings, but today they are afraid to stand against them.

Make People Believe that Their Voice Matters

It takes only one voice to bring forth the other voices. If you will stand by your opinion and prove it with all the points, then people around you who were resting in their cocoons will be forced to give thought to the issue and speak for whichever side they feel is right.

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