An Ode to the Idea of Poems (a found gift to the CLMOOC community)

Collective words – strung as fibers and quilt patterns – woven into hope in this time of crisis

where choice dances to the music of the in-between, the liminal space breathing within time

such frustration; technology taps its fingers at our minds until the bell rings – the power’s off – the freedom of release

We can’t define this as the American Dream, this part-time status of wondering where we’re all going

No, we’re not drowning: we’re constructing something out of nothing — shared experiences as the possibilities of progress

where you are lost, I am finding perseverance; where I am lost, you are finding humanity; a world in motion

if only we can quiet the space; writing as empowerment – this poetry caresses the heart of wondering where we belong

For this is what happens when you travel the networks, the Natural World, exploring the known -

You fashion friendship by writing and stories and poems

— a found poem, from within the spreadsheet of submitted idea for poem, via CLMOOC February 2020 — audio: