Hiding Myself in Annotation (An Experimental Poem)

One: See #2

Two: Where a part of me might linger in a poet's notes, the other ghosts to

Three: See #5

Four: You notice I'd crouching not revealing much, in order to hide to

Five: In public spheres, where one so easily disappears, I am barely these words as you think you know me here

Six: See #3 then step to #8

Seven: I am Kevin. That much is truth.

Eight: I am writer power poet teacher preacher songwriting go it alone leaping forward like skipping stone to #10

Nine: See what I did there? Gave just enough verse to completely disappear from here, and then hit the poem upon reverse

Ten: Back to #7

for #openwrite https://www.ethicalela.com/steps-to-being-insert-name/