Three Poems for Three Lost Days of #OpenWrite

3. How easy has it been for you to turn your head from two hundred thousand dead, and instead, push full steam ahead with your lies?

(Theme: The News)

2. You'd think I'd know what to write when I sit down to write but that isn't nearly ever the case - All I know is that the space before me should be filled with something, and so here I go again, wondering how I found my way to the end.

(Theme: Ego and Homage)

1. It's doubt that I remember the most, the way he huddled in the corner with such silent clenched fury at his own family, but took it out on me, his classroom teacher, and how every single second seemed to last forever in the shadow of his anguish and my own worry about what it is I needed to do and how to get it done.

(theme: Decisions)