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Why do people who love each other hurt each other?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that people who love each other always end up hurting each other… It’s not something bound to happen. However, it does happen, doesn’t it? Sometimes? It’s not something impossible, is it?




Today, a good friend of mine – a very good friend of mine, we love each other so much! – asked me to write her instead of talking.

The point is, even though we love each other so much, we have been hurting each other for quite a long time now. Months.

Even more, it's not just her. It's the very same with most – not all, but still... most! – of my dearest friends.

So, I'm sort of taking her request.. and transforming into a more general advice for something I have kinda been planning to do since all of this started.

I’m gonna write down everything I would like to say to all of them, but I’m not able to.

Being as personal as possible, but anonimously. Talking to each one of them, and to none in particular.

One day, I will start telling some of them to read my posts. Until then, I will write without knowing when it will be, and who they will be.

Yeah, my friend of today will probably be the first, or one of the first ones ;op

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