My second sci fantasy universe, filled with wonder and horror.

“I was the strongest. The smartest. The unbreakable, I slaughtered countless worlds and grew beyond limits. My gifts devoured and conquered, I embodied dread.

My siblings were with me and grew in power. I led them for millennia, across the seventh multiverse. I saved them, fed them. In return they broke me. Alone they could not stop me but together they shattered me.


You ran from it. As far as you can, traveling across star systems to escape it but in reality, you are merely running towards it. 

Destiny, it was meant to be and so it shall come to be. The more you run, the harder you fight it. The stronger it becomes, the faster it becomes. Until you can no longer fight it. Until you can no longer outrace it. 

So run as far as you can, it is only a matter of time before it gets to you. Then you will have no choice but to accept it. It is your fate.

The room was silent for a moment as the master stood over them sword-drawn. It was made from ebony steel, runes were already engraved into the blade. She stared at her students and at their crafted weapons. 

The boy had an axe crafted from dark metal, it was twice the size of him but he held the strength to wield it. While the other crafted twin daggers, both made from stainless carbon. Runes were engraved into the student’s weapons beforehand as it was a common practice within the Star Core Academy. The master allowed their blade to slide into the floor, with her free hand she quickly braced the sword's edge. Allowing blood to flow and abound to be carved in eternal majestic light. This was a way to royalty, the students quickly followed suit. Their new flesh wounds healed as soon they were finished. 

Their weapons glowed a bright crimson folding the space around them through higher layers of reality. They would never understand the meaning but the effects were all that mattered. 

The master crossed their hands to where her wrists aligned. The left hand faced the weapon she had chosen and revealed her soft palm. While the other created a fist that faced toward her. In quick sensation both hands moved in opposite directions, the fist becoming open and the open becoming closed. 

The runes glowed a cold blue, the students followed suit in complete unison. Both not missing a single beat, their weapons changed as the finite planes from within became endless. 

“Your training is complete.” The master said with a smooth voice. “ These weapons will only allow you to use them, for they are a part of you and you alone. Know they hold a hit of royalty, a hit of enlightenment.“  

A strange group of entities, that hail from the White Tower. A realm where logic and causality cease to exist altogether. Space and time hold no meaning, The Noctcites are but one group of many. Beings born from the Light.

Appearance: a tall and skinny four-legged creature. Hosting a triangular-shaped head that has white eyes, their skin is a deep black but their claws and tails are a translucent white that burns from within. Their teeth shine of this Light as well, their power is above our understanding. These beasts are vastly intelligent and can talk in any tongue.

These creatures are parasitic in nature, feeding on causality and existence. When they fight a person, they devour all possibilities a person could have. All of your futures are gone, reality is the food of these beats.

When these creatures enter reality, causality takes hold of them. These creatures hate this, coming from a realm without such limits. Thus they shift their forms into a more pure existence, becoming free from the causal closure. This is not instant, which allows for normal weapons to harm them. Even kill them, sending them back into their realms. Note they still can use their powers in this weakened state just on a limited scale.

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