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oh but notifications are annoying in real life because the computer (the synthetic system) was programmed to do stuff that wouldnt happen in nature. in nature if something beeped that much without much functional return you would bury it, remove it, eat it, or take it for a long walk. lmfao yeah ok your in the right place still, but heres the rest that would be rude to put on una, but is relevant to social networking, and the global all encompassing network that is not my una site but a totally big thing but has una inside of it too, ok here: i killed off my first 3 months of adopters trying to decide between taking things away they were used to, versus teaching them to only have certain things go to email that they will see, but need not be aware of- like a new friend. but notifications are annoying in real life because the computer (the synthetic system) was programmed to do stuff that wouldnt happen in nature... in nature if something beeped or demanded your sensory attention that much without much functional return you would bury it, remove it, ask it to stop, reason with it, etc, or eat it, or take it for a long walk.. lmfao the rest of my comment is here: > new below here: but a comment reply- they can turn that on and off, but i have disabled email and push entirely for almost everything, and push entirely because that fractalizes society and is not helpful whatsoever... I like how you think, whats your Una site? I am architecting a global network of websites that encompasses all human life, and aims to re-pattern without a whole lot of effort other than a willingness to participate, the way people see and understand- and relate to the world- everything from fortifying and cleaning out internal cobwebs from lifes traumas and adversities- with knowledge in all manner of content types and subjects of human experience, as well as doing stuff like email, aggregating complex websites into shit that you can deal with and actually enjoy (think RSS on steroids but totally written from scratch, and following as its design edict the data flow and way the user experiences the decisions they make and the way the site looks, the ratio of window sizes, and so on - the number of widgets on a toolbar- they all follow patterns found in a forest of trees- with different metrics in the network like "geographic nodal point" Los angeles ca, tokoyo, etc- a few big cities will automatically build their own pages- by the software i am writing, and envisioning right now. but i dont want to talk your ear off- only to say it is interesting and i am not planning on doing this alone. think on the level of jacques fresco and the venus project- i am not playing around here, and already have 179 websites that are in the network all mine though- but the point is to re-design the internet, to fully architect a user experience that creates as faithfully to an organic conversation with someone in the room, or a subconscious dialogue with yourself, your experience with the tool kits and sites and fun toys in the network of sites , blog directories, directory of una sites, and so on.... this is a meta modular topology i am building, and it follows common sense nature patterns and lingustic conventions of tagging heirarchies and natural language processing - but viewed from the perspective of reverse,. the human is telling the computer how to behave, but as an end user. and the interface will have zero issue scaling to it. anyway, i need to shut up, but i thought since i have written about 80,000 words across https://www.follow-the.link/to-omars-writing these websites over the past month and in my internal heirarchy of notes and design- lol- interesting things are afoot..... and i want everyone that comes across this know anyone can join - its designed for all humans. its not for one group or another. just follow the golden rule, the rest will work itself out as it is in your primal nature to comply with the natural order of the world. oh? and monetization? sure it will have ads. but also, the ads will jump through hoops or dissapear if the user wants. and they have total control over exactly what comes through, with filters with text filters, customs, etc. companies can pay for ads, but the money goes to the server fee, and non profit initiatives that operate inside the network, like care-connect.me (which isnt up yet so dont clik) but it is for homeless people to begin a youtube style dialogue and either accept chaperoned donations from a coordinatior who can be any human they have a reliable relationship with who is willing to help out- that works too! People need to hear about how homeless people are not monsters and drug addicts, but people exactly like you or I. but life did weird things. anyway, this is important so my instinct is to continue, but just read blogs via follow the link , and poke around until you satisfy your curiosity. everything is blended format because i am simultaneously addressing millions and teaching at various levels in real time as i see things happening in the world, and disgusing it very openly without actually doing so, all in one article.. so they are interesting blogs hopefully. they go deep . and shallow, and dance around in circles around a thing until slowly you become experientially immersed almost- this is i think the best way to teach closet to doing a thing, until it presents itself naturally as an opportunity to do it for real, trying it on this way can teach parallel or related life lessons in perspective points- and be invaluable in the meantime. also, all this shit is suuuuuuper complicated. but thats my gift, and it is not even stressful to do all that lifting myself, i just need people to understand the goal is to get everyone a better life, and it only works if everyone joins and makes a profile, and lists three things they're good at- and in the first month adds one person, sends one message, and tells 3 random real life humans about the website in their own words , in the first month. That is literally enough to keep the momentum going by how natural laws of physics and human nature, and procedural psychology work. fuck it, i am blogging this somewhere out of reach of the main stuff until the network is kicking, i dont need people in our current climate mis-understanding how complicated psychology is and how badly their perception of themselves and the world and other people in general has been confused by the established order, and yet- how i often say in the writings i am not against govts or anything, in fact i am trying to pick up their entropy and solve complex social issues that perhaps there simply will never be resources for due to the focus of capitolism- but because people react out of fear a lot, especially to big words and or a lot of them, (its kind of rare these days.._ ) the important thing is to just simply say that i am not one of those "conspiracy theorists" however a logical, rational, very methodical engineer and social scientist, artist and so on, who cannot leave the world the same way it was when he came into it. . the rest, human nature and entropy will ensure the thing takes off fine and progresses at a natural cadence of which i have no business attempting to alter or interfere with. it simply would destroy the organisms entry into the world. (i have been a metaphysician for 20 years) (its not a liscensed doctor) but its rather the unified study of physics, chemistry, laboratory science, psychology, and other things, like electricity and how they together influence the 5 components that make up the VITRUVIS, the cannon of man as a functional metaphor for an unstoppable being pledged to a life only of pure good and no harm meant in actions or any such way, and so then there are many other layers that make this my perfect fit, and its weird to think about and i cry often about things, as i continue to make break throughs i did not understand were even possible in the design. the point is, perspective is everything with the way humans work, and we have been living in a extremely convoluted ideological framework based on the ebb and flow of an artificially regulated resource, with lots of rules around it. This, creates enough entropy along with the stream of meta programming in culture, film, movies, and so on- which mostly serves the function similar to a social mens club, or in some cases even parallels the group organzing functions of religion, etc- in sincere respect- and the interest of scope only surrounding someones behavior and what we can learn from this to help aide situationally in the network. again, nobody has to understand a damn thing i say except join, tell three friends in the first month that are in real life or random humans outside in public at the gas station, the grocer, etc- then add one person in the first month and send one message. although i need to re look at the numbers because tesla generated some fascinating multiplication tables- and the pattern i am thinking of appears in a number sequence inside of the table that deals with the expansion of the number 3 ok i need to stop, hope this was fun. haha