Matthew Howard

All about dreams and their meanings

Eagle It’s important to pay attention to detail, as the following dream illustrates, when interpreting a night vision. All the dynamics of a dream matter, from people, objects, and locations, to anything that seems out of place. As interpreters, its best to think around the story and answer questions that beg to be asked rather than accept matters at face value.

I saw two or three eagles/vultures nested on the roof of my neighbour’s residential house.

The sense with this dream is the dreamer has a “high level” capability in something, as symbolised by the nest being on the roof of the house. However, the nest is on the roof of his neighbours house, and this to me suggests influence over others. This influence may be exerted out of his personhood, hence the residential street, rather than any special talent that usually marks somebody out.

The eagles or vultures in the nest may symbolise that this talent is given by the Creator, as symbolised by the number two (divinely multiplied) or three (a divine number). Eagles represent insight or foresight to some, but eagles and vultures are known for their tenacity, skill, and excellence as creatures of the air. This dream is also showing the dreamer he has an excellence that is coveted by others.

What the dreamer might do with this interpretation is to look at his life and ask in what ways he is influential and how he is able to motivate others to live higher lives. He may already know it or move in circles where this ability is highly prized, or he may not. The dreamer could look into possible careers or hobbies that utilise this unique gifting.

An axe

Every so often we may have dreams that are sinister in nature, and it seems there is no hope, such as in the dream below. It is just bleak and foreboding, which is never a great dream to wake up to, and there is nothing on which to think positively or change what we saw. However, while dreams do reflect aspects of our lives, they don’t always tell us what the solution is because this can be worked out when we are awake.

Someone is chasing me and wants to attack on me with a sharp axe. I am escaping and hiding in houses in a unknown town and wherever I try to hide that person finds out and starts to attack me with an axe. I then run again and try to hide in another house in that same town.

In my view this dream is about how the dreamer feels right now. They may feel under pressure, pressed on every side, or in need of some relief from a particular issue in their life. No matter where they go or what they do, they still have the same problem. The “same town” is not providing the protection they need, so they need to change towns, so to speak, or change tact in waking life and seek other avenues of help for whatever has troubled them.

Hooded man cloaked in darkness Every so often we have a dream that is darker than most. Perhaps its as bad as a nightmare, or something like it. The symbols are evil and you may wonder if it means you’re cursed or under some sort of sinister influence. This is a real fear in a world where religion and superstition predominate people’s perception of life.

I still believe that spiritual forces exist, but unless its a nightmare, a dark dream is not necessarily an attack or meant to be foreboding. This is the case with the following dream, which on the surface features the devil and evil spirits, but running throughout there is a positive message. Can you notice it before I point it out?

I had a dream there were many evil spirits surrounding houses and I’m saying prayers and saving my people. Then the devil dies and it was buried in front of my eyes in the floor, in a rectangle shape in the cement basement. It actually took place in my old apartment (now I’m in a different apartment). Then I’m telling my mother that we should change house soon.

In my view this dream speaks about a particularly difficult season of the dreamer’s life, which she understands as being more than just natural but spiritual also (represented by the evil spirits). Having moved on from this season (the death of the devil represents the end of the matter) she is determined to live a new and different life as symbolised by moving away. Her desire to move on from this and move past what happened is communicated strongly in the dream and her mother represents wisdom and the wisdom of this idea to just move on from it now.

Husband and wife argue Dreaming of loved ones such as a friend, family member, or spouse is common because of how important they are to us in our waking lives. We spend a lot of time around them, think about them, and do life with them. This may result in seeing them in our dreams often, but do they always represent the real person or are they symbolic? In the following dream I sensed the spouse represented the dreamer’s husband in waking life. But rather than expose unfaithfulness as alleged in the dream (its unlikely he would be with a new woman every day, and they were already married in reality, so the narrative is fictional), the dream tells me more about the dreamer’s state of mind and emotions than her husband’s apparent affairs.

“I had a dream that my husband (in real life) is cheating on me. While I’m asleep, he is sleeping with somebody else. Everyday, some other new woman (that too just a few days before our marriage).”

In my view this dream is not a reflection of reality, that her husband is cheating on her, but is an expression of her desire to be closer to her husband. Perhaps this dream reveals a sense of separateness she has and she wants to have a stronger relationship with him. These thoughts may be with her daily at present, and the marriage in the dream symbolises a desire she has for a stronger relationship rooted in honesty and trust.