#3 – Dreams of being under attack

An axe

Every so often we may have dreams that are sinister in nature, and it seems there is no hope, such as in the dream below. It is just bleak and foreboding, which is never a great dream to wake up to, and there is nothing on which to think positively or change what we saw. However, while dreams do reflect aspects of our lives, they don’t always tell us what the solution is because this can be worked out when we are awake.

Someone is chasing me and wants to attack on me with a sharp axe. I am escaping and hiding in houses in a unknown town and wherever I try to hide that person finds out and starts to attack me with an axe. I then run again and try to hide in another house in that same town.

In my view this dream is about how the dreamer feels right now. They may feel under pressure, pressed on every side, or in need of some relief from a particular issue in their life. No matter where they go or what they do, they still have the same problem. The “same town” is not providing the protection they need, so they need to change towns, so to speak, or change tact in waking life and seek other avenues of help for whatever has troubled them.