#4 – Dreams that reveal who we are

Eagle It’s important to pay attention to detail, as the following dream illustrates, when interpreting a night vision. All the dynamics of a dream matter, from people, objects, and locations, to anything that seems out of place. As interpreters, its best to think around the story and answer questions that beg to be asked rather than accept matters at face value.

I saw two or three eagles/vultures nested on the roof of my neighbour’s residential house.

The sense with this dream is the dreamer has a “high level” capability in something, as symbolised by the nest being on the roof of the house. However, the nest is on the roof of his neighbours house, and this to me suggests influence over others. This influence may be exerted out of his personhood, hence the residential street, rather than any special talent that usually marks somebody out.

The eagles or vultures in the nest may symbolise that this talent is given by the Creator, as symbolised by the number two (divinely multiplied) or three (a divine number). Eagles represent insight or foresight to some, but eagles and vultures are known for their tenacity, skill, and excellence as creatures of the air. This dream is also showing the dreamer he has an excellence that is coveted by others.

What the dreamer might do with this interpretation is to look at his life and ask in what ways he is influential and how he is able to motivate others to live higher lives. He may already know it or move in circles where this ability is highly prized, or he may not. The dreamer could look into possible careers or hobbies that utilise this unique gifting.