This particularly helps contractors address the skills shortage where they may have to employ temporary staff that may not be as qualified as permanent workers.

Flexible Another key benefit is the ability to completely remove and reuse the screw. We are regularly asked to carry out anchor pull tests and as a result, we are increasingly aware of the lack of training when installing wedge anchors as many either fail or underperform in the test.

This significantly reduces the time it takes to install and, as a result, can be an excellent way of increasing efficiencies on-site especially on time sensitive projects.Fool proof Unlike wedge anchors, concrete screws are exceptionally simple to install meaning workers don’t require a lot of training.

Cheaper overall Finally, the combined benefit of all these is that the solution is more cost-effective. Conclusion To conclude, with the new 18th Edition BS 7671:2018 IET wiring regulations coming into effect in July this year, and an increasing pressure on contractors to find time and cost saving solutions, concrete screws are an excellent and readily available alternative for heavy-duty fixings.

This is increasingly becoming a consideration on-site as contractors focus on protecting workers through both providing the correct PPE and minimising risk

A registered trademark of A.WOODIES&Self drilling Screws Manufacturers174; Ultimate screws enter international market 15 September 2016 Ever since WOODIES® Ultimate wood screws were introduced to the local Dutch market seven years ago they have received positive feedback from both the trade sector and professional users.F.

Also, a free bit is included in every box.S. In addition, the milling ribs under the head help to roughen the installation material and enable the head to countersunk easily and effectively, with no pre-drilling required. Fischer. “Due to the success of the WOODIES Ultimate screw in the Netherlands we are looking to expand into the international markets.“

WOODIES Ultimate screws are developed to be effective in many applications in professional timber construction, including roof constructions, interior # finishing and carports,“ says A.WOODIES Ultimate screws come packed in sturdy boxes with a two-way opening for the practical and manageable user.

Thanks to a special drill point, the WOODIES Ultimate screw can also be used in almost any type of wood and reduces the chance of the wood splitting during installation. Fischer B.F.V, the WOODIES® Ultimate screw is available in three different versions — countersunk head, large waferhead and stainless steel decking screws.

The result is a durable colour that cannot be damaged by the application and transport. The hardwood terrace screw from the production unit of SWG Schraubenwerk Gaisbach GmbH is therefore the ideal fastener for connecting decking boards and ‘Made in Waldenburg, Germany’.

Besides the terrace decking, there are also other types of stainless steel screws with the vintage look available, which can be used for fixing façades and many other applications.

The drill tip ensures a precise positioning of the screw, no splitting effect and short edge distances. This prevents wobbling impacts and sliding of the bit from the screw while screwing in.Due to the designed grooved shank, the terrace screw has additional strength for the hardwood sector. Any remaining chips are repeatedly collected and captured..SWG says the TX drive guarantees an excellent fit of the bit in the screw drive.

More head shapes are also available. For this special connection between the wooden boards and aluminium sub construction, another type of terrace screw was developed. Depending on the profile design, there are also different dimensions available