This particularly helps contractors address the skills shortage where they may have to employ temporary staff that may not be as qualified as permanent workers.

Flexible Another key benefit is the ability to completely remove and reuse the screw. We are regularly asked to carry out anchor pull tests and as a result, we are increasingly aware of the lack of training when installing wedge anchors as many either fail or underperform in the test.

This significantly reduces the time it takes to install and, as a result, can be an excellent way of increasing efficiencies on-site especially on time sensitive projects.Fool proof Unlike wedge anchors, concrete screws are exceptionally simple to install meaning workers don’t require a lot of training.

Cheaper overall Finally, the combined benefit of all these is that the solution is more cost-effective. Conclusion To conclude, with the new 18th Edition BS 7671:2018 IET wiring regulations coming into effect in July this year, and an increasing pressure on contractors to find time and cost saving solutions, concrete screws are an excellent and readily available alternative for heavy-duty fixings.

This is increasingly becoming a consideration on-site as contractors focus on protecting workers through both providing the correct PPE and minimising risk