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I sort of miss web #hosting. Being a nerd and having one's own space on the web go hand-in-hand. I think I'm done with it, though. One reason for that is using separate web apps is just a better experience.

As far as I am concerned it is, anyway.

Sure, there are a million scripts one can install on a host in order to perform various functions, but IMO, they all have their drawbacks. For example, none of the #RSS reader software packages available today allow aggregation of Twitter, as well as most other social, accounts. That's because the social services turned their feeds off (which I will never forgive them for BTW) but when one looks around there are paid feed readers like BazQux which still manage to handle anything you throw at it.

That's the kind of example that one can't dismiss. It's useful in the extreme.

And yeah, I realize I've gone the other way when it comes to #blogging, from a do-everything install of WordPress to the minimalism of write.as, but that's an outgrowth of just wanting as blank a slate as possible when it comes to writing. It's probably the only instance in which I now want there to be less functionality to think about. I just pull up the site, click “write”, and there I have it.

It's great.

Still, hosting is certainly one of those things that I wish I needed more. For what I want to do these days, though, it can't be justified.

Having nationwide – or worldwide – coverage of past terrible events only invites other terrible events. The “copycat effect” is real.

One cult leader devilishly knew what he was doing when he displayed the sign which read, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. In actuality, research proves that the reverse is true. Remember the past, and it will be repeated in some manner, on some scale, indefinitely.

It's almost guaranteed.

Of course, America has a free press. Horrible things have become the bread-and-butter of our media.

So when nothing else avails us of the crime, perhaps then we'll stumble upon the route by which we arrived. Maybe we'll reconsider a culture where our #news is programmed by entertainment companies.

It’s just the sun, and believe it or not, the #picture does not really do justice to how the scene actually appeared.


I have to end use of the nicotine patches because they're causing me to itch too much. And I don't mean that I'm only itching where I put them. I have started to itch in places they've never been, like above my eye, my chest, etc.

All over, basically.

It has gotten pretty bad, and I have some serious red marks due to it. So, I suppose I have to seek out another method by which to quit #cigarettes.

I'll look into that tomorrow.


After smoking all day, I have a very bad headache, and feel pretty lousy in general. I’m back on the patch and doubt I’ll go back to smoking this time around. Being all itchy and scratchy is better than the alternative.

The ISS just went overhead here. Unfortunately this is as good as I could get this iPad #picture of it to look.


What goes best with a cup of #coffee? Another cup.

― Henry Rollins, Black Coffee Blues

A lot of individuals take reality for granted. They wake up, and as if on autopilot, carry out their day. They use their five senses in an uncaring manner because they know they can rely upon them. After all, for years, they have been able to. There’s nothing that can happen to throw them off unless mental or physical health begins to fail, which, for an average healthy person, is not thought about as being likely. Sure, surprises can happen, but who wants to live their life scared of this-or-that sudden ailment which may or may not manifest? Most people don’t. I know I didn’t. Without some degree of prior experience, nobody thinks, “It’s all going to change today.” Still, it happens.


Are there people in this world who seriously like this band?

That singer :|

The #music is fine, though. For whatever that’s worth.

I’ve been on nicotine patches for a number of weeks, and that leads to a person’s #dreams being more vivid, and easily remembered. As soon as I discovered that fact, I began to write the basics of the dreams I was having in a note-taking application.

The results of the “dream enhancement” have been surprising.

Apparently my dreaming brain is stuck in the past, as all but one dream contained content from many years ago. People and occurrences which honestly haven’t been pondered in about 25 years apparently still have some bearing on me, despite my conscious disconnection from them.

And it’s odd, because while I don’t know what I was expecting, it certainly wasn’t this. I mean, at the very least, I felt my subconscious would be dealing with current matters.

Well, I’m on Step 2 of the patch now, and will detail anything interesting providing things change. Otherwise, it’s onward to the past, I suppose.

Thanks for visiting my #blog whereat I will share things of interest. I plan to keep most of the posts pretty short, so, with that in mind...