A beautiful poem about loving our planet..our home

Poem by James Bullen

A poem: Carn Ingli (Mountain of Angels)

I bow down before the holy mountain, Divine body of the Infinite.

I walk her shining pathways.

With my bare feet I caress her granite skin While she, with a voice as varied as the wind,

Whispers feathered songs And lichened tales Into to my listening heart,

Drawing me beyond myself Out into space without stories.

Wild amidst the timeless I lay my bones gratefully down upon the mountain side.

My flesh becomes moss, bracken, bilberry bushes. My eyes become ravens, My mind – the sky.

Kindling with a holy fire My subtle body burns and flares, Ecstasy rising Like smoke and prayer.

The world of things dissolves, And with it All gravity, All causation.

Within the bluestone, silence. Within the silence, moonlight.

Flying now Without wings; Falling Without end; Like music, Having neither inside Nor outside.

Dancing without moving, My heart becomes a city of light. At its centre I disappear.

Where I end Begins the mystery.

Closer than breath, Closer Than light and thought. Here before the beginning Of both day And night.

Where I end begins the mountain, These words just mountain mist Gathering in the constant dawn.

sincerely, ~ a human observer .