by simple virtue, mountains are made passable.

in order to create a world that we will be happier living in, we need to empower ourselves with simple actions..

simple actions that move ourselves towards what we wish to actually see, live as, and accomplish, and not a reactionary edict, edifice, or calculation.

simple actions are the beginnings of great things..

in the most straight-forward of terms, we need to live how we want to, by creating the conditions by which we are able to have an abundance of what we need, and sometimes want, but with respect-

to others liberty and happiness.. and through these efforts, we will realize that; By justly working together .. instead of apart or against each-other, we will be able to achieve the things that we all share in common, as goals, little by little, we can accomplish great things this way.

what one woman knows how to do, is a mystery to another, what one man knows how to do, he may need help with from another. together, with cooperation, mutual respect, and shared social values, we can create actual value for ourselves, to be proud of, to foster and nurture and steward over, for generations to come.


I am not doing this as a reactionary position to the current world events, itโ€™s something iโ€™ve had as a dream of mine since i was a young boy.. iโ€™m finally just getting around to working on it again is all.


sincerely, ~ a human observer .