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sinking tanker

From the Miami Herald- 2020 - Reflowed for legibility, and such.

An idle Venezuelan tanker with millions of gallons of oil is creating panic in Trinidad a large ship in a body of water: Trinidadian environmental group Fishermen and Friends of the Sea said it photographed a dangerously listing Venezuelan-flagged vessel, the Nabarima, off its eastern coast.

More than 20 months after a Venezuelan oil tanker carrying nearly 55 million gallons of crude oil was abandoned off the country’s northern coast following tightened U.S. sanctions, inspectors from neighboring Trinidad and Tobago will finally get a chance to see for themselves if the idle vessel’s cargo could lead to a major ecological disaster off the Caribbean coast of South America.

Trinidad and Tobago’s energy and foreign ministers both confirmed to the Miami Herald that a team will head out Tuesday to visit the Venezuelan-flagged floating storage and offloading vessel Nabarima, which environmentalists say is taking on water and threatening to spill 1.3 million barrels of oil into the gulf between both countries.

While Nabarima is flying under a Venezuelan flag, it is operated by the Petrosucre company, a joint venture between the Venezuelan state oil company Petroleos de Venezuela, PDVSA, and the Italian Eni oil giant. After the Trump administration slapped sanctions on PDVSA in January 2019, Petrosucre stopped its oil extraction and the ship was left off the eastern coast of Venezuela with millions of barrels of crude oil.

A sign sitting on the side of a building: The logo of Venezuelan state-owned oil company PDVSA atop a gas station in Caracas, on November 14, 2017.

© Federico Parra/AFP/Getty Images North America/TNS The logo of Venezuelan state-owned oil company PDVSA atop a gas station in Caracas, on November 14, 2017.

Eventually, the ship fell into a state of disrepair, with the Reuters news agency reporting that a person familiar with the matter said it was undergoing repairs.

With recent photos showing the vessel dangerously tilting to the side, concerns over its possible capsizing have been growing.

Trinidadian environmentalist groups had been unsuccessfully pressuring their government and Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro to do something about the ship, only to be told, according to one source, that U.S. sanctions against Venezuela had hamstrung efforts.

“The objective is to emerge with a report based on data and scientific observations focused on the safety and stability of the vessel and an assessment of any potential risk of environmental damage,” Trinidad Foreign Affairs Minister Amery Browne said.

“Whilst we recognize that the vessel in question belongs to Venezuela and is located in Venezuelan waters, the government of Trinidad and Tobago has been consistently using all available diplomatic channels to press for this inspection opportunity on behalf of the many concerned people of our country, and as part of our commitment to do everything in our power to help safeguard the marine environment.” ——-

A large ship in a body of water: Trinidadian environmental group Fishermen and Friends of the Sea said it photographed a dangerously tilting Venezuelan-flagged vessel, the Nabarima, in the Gulf of Paria. The group said the ship is in danger of capsizing with nearly 55 million gallons of crude oil. ©

—- Image is Courtesy Fishermen and Friends o/TNS/TNS Trinidadian environmental group Fishermen and Friends of the Sea said it photographed a dangerously tilting Venezuelan-flagged vessel, the Nabarima, in the Gulf of Paria. The group said the ship is in danger of capsizing with nearly 55 million gallons of crude oil. —-

Browne and Trinidad Energy Minister Franklin Khan said the inspection team’s report will guide immediate next steps.

On Monday, Reuters reported that the Nabarima was now upright, according to a group of Trinidadian fishermen, and PDVSA is planning to discharge the crude via ship-to-ship transfer.

The lack of transparency over the ship and what has been described as “foot dragging” by Trinidad and Venezuela over an inspection has frustrated Trinidadians.



Ate dinner with mom tonight had Thai food. Went into an relaxed state.


I normally do this thing on my Linux laptop daily where I write internal notes and don’t share them with anyone. I am doing something different and sharing my personal journal entry today. I call them “daycount” and did it about ¾ of 2020 and am enjoying it this year too.

Goals, ambitions, work shit, and other stuff goes I. The daycount. I do it when I get up, and I may add through the day or if things become too disparate- I will start another file and the naming convention is day #-year-short-keywords.md and save it.

Begin private share:

Note to self: eat with the bowl right in front of your face until you feel able to do differently and there is zero shame in looking silly or how you get the food in..

It is called survival. Had a super nice meal and enjoyed a full belly and also the dualistic integrity of seeing how you can recover from eating and getting upset and then just carrying on and enjoying the rest of your evening.

* Learned a few things:

  • Thai food is still enjoyable, night mild. *I used to eat it **way too hot. **** That made me into a mess.
  • No more of that.
  • Don’t talk with food in your mouth.
  • Relax and trust that it’s going in the right place.
  • **burping as needed **is okay while eating.
  • lastly It takes a long ass time to re-learn how to do things after a life of traumatic injuries.
  • Humans are resilient.
  • strong does not mean stiff or ridged, *it means..::~~adaptable. ~~::**
  • lol. That was intentional on the last line above.
  • See? *Adaptable. **

This needs to go on speakthings.com

And you need to point the TLD there.

I can probably help a lot of people feel better about themselves if I just tell my life story slowly and tag it relevantly so I can do that write as labs ePub thing..

I have really overcome so so very much, in almost all imaginable avenue, And I do believe it’s going to help someone out there and be simultaneously inspiring to others.

Okay time to copy this into AceMark and GTW and then post it to speak things.

Also, I need to start consolidating my 12? How many are there fcking* actually?* —- Short answer: too many for one dude to write in. Hence- image* * —-

ramo.today and a few others. Vs 17 or so blogs and hoping I can evangelize people who don’t have the same vision of open source and expressive autonomy to break the mainline social media virus and start self actualizing their creative** expression**.


** The above photo is from a friend who shot that in Taos, NM. ** That’s all doc! Back later. Much love to you, fellow human.

~Omar / Ramo... it’s my name backwards.. I dug it in fourth grade, and still think it sounds cool what 28 years later..

Go* figure*.

With love and roses and shit,

~ Ramo

sincerely, ~ a human observer .

yo! My uber humble and large hearted friend Nikki Gregg is going back to school to further her #education– She’s super groovy, very kind, and worked very hard to position herself in a new location to attend this program. consider helping her realize this dream ~


I’ve known Nikki several years now, and she is a solid individual, please consider supporting her efforts to further her education. :–)

sincerely, ~ a human observer .

All Regal and Cineworld Movie Theaters To Close Until Further Notice (npr.org) 84 Posted by BeauHD on Monday October 05, 2020 @10:02PM from the challenging-times dept. Regal Cinemas, a subsidiary of Cineworld Group, said it will shut down all 536 locations on Thursday until further notice. The closure reflects “an increasingly challenging theatrical landscape” due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is temporary, the chain said. NPR reports: Regal is shutting down theaters again less than two months after it started to reopen U.S. locations in late August. The decision was announced after the James Bond franchise's No Time to Die was shelved until 2021, further pushing back a release that had already been delayed. Roughly 40,000 Regal employees across the U.S. now face a work furlough, the company told NPR. More than 5,000 employees in the U.K. will also be affected, the BBC reported.

“This is not a decision we made lightly, and we did everything in our power to support a safe and sustainable reopening in the U.S.,” said Mooky Greidinger, CEO of Cineworld, noting the chain's safety precautions for staff and moviegoers. In a statement, Greidinger emphasized that “there has been no evidence to date linking any COVID cases with cinemas.” He also aired frustration that Regal can't yet operate in New York state, a key U.S. market, although some indoor venues such as bowling alleys and casinos have been allowed to resume business. “The prolonged closures have had a detrimental impact on the release slate for the rest of the year, and, in turn, our ability to supply our customers with the lineup of blockbusters they've come to expect from us,” Greidinger said. “As such, it is simply impossible to continue operations in our primary markets.”

To me, this is the perfect opportunity for someone with more energy and time than me, to pitch this to Regal Corporate, and have called their city leaders to green light it before getting Regal's attention...

Someone do this please?

sincerely, ~ a human observer .

According to the Subway Ireland website, the chain's six-inch and footlong subs are available on six different kinds of bread, including nine-grain multi-seed, Italian white bread, Italian herbs and cheese, nine-grain wheat, hearty Italian, and honey oat. And, according to the country's Supreme Court, all six varieties are too sugary to legally be called “bread” at all.

From a report:

The court case itself is a slightly confusing one unless you're well versed in Irish tax policies, but it started when a Subway franchise owner challenged the tax authorities' decision not to issue a refund for value-added tax (VAT) on some takeout foods.

Galway-based Bookfinders LTD said that it shouldn't have to pay VAT on hot coffee and tea, or on the hot sandwiches that weren't eaten inside the restaurant.

Its argument was that since the sandwiches contain bread, they should be considered a “staple food” and shouldn't be taxed. But the five Supreme Court judges countered by suggesting that those sandwiches aren't served on “bread” at all, at least not under the “statutory definition of bread.”

According to the Irish Independent, the judges ruled that Subway's bread is not a staple food because its sugar content is 10 percent of the weight of the flour in the dough;

The Value-Added Tax Act 1972 stipulates that sugar, fat, and “bread improver” cannot add up to more than 2 percent of the weight of the flour.

(Those limits are in place to prevent things like pastries and other sweet baked goods from being labeled as “staple foods” and exempt from being taxed.)

Well, you just can't make this stuff up. Here's the original: https://www.foodandwine.com/news/subway-bread-sugar-content-ireland-court-ruling

sincerely, ~ a human observer .



sincerely, ~ a human observer .

By Nigel

Nothing happened inside everything that happened today. I know this because I wasn’t there when it didn’t happen. Watching o Superman by Laurie Anderson helped me lack focus. I write the wrong.

sincerely, ~ a human observer .

[editors note: I thought this was interesting but If it aligns with some political ideology or some shite I did not pay any attention- I just enjoyed the strong writing style.] (and did not edit this).

Written by: Garrison Keiler

A chilly night in New York, fall in the air, geese winging along a flyway over West 91st, a lively crowd watching a playground basketball game. Unusual in these pandemic days, to hear a cheering crowd.

We’ve been isolating here since March, avoiding the dread virus, leading a life more like that of a lighthouse keeper than a New Yorker, no plays, no Fauré or Bizet or cabaret, – though Sunday we sat in a sidewalk café and had a cassoulet, a small soirée, just three of us, me and the Missus and our friend Suzanne whom I like to hang out with because she’s older than I and very lively.

She is proof that aging, though likely to be fatal, need not be dull. Gusts of talk, none of it touching on the Unmentionable. I’m fond of fall, the beauty and brevity of it. Soon the iron gates will clank shut and we descend into the dark trenches of winter.

“A person always imagines there will be more warm evenings and suppers outdoors, but fall teaches otherwise.”

And that is what makes life beautiful, the knowledge of approaching November. Last week the world was drenched with the beauty Van Gogh was crazy for and that is why we send our kids off to school, so they don’t become obsessed with beauty and godlessness and can pay attention to algorithms and multiplicity and divisiveness.

I was a mediocre student, but every fall I appeared in the classroom door, struggled through college and humanities courses of which I remember nothing at all — I should have studied auto mechanics..

— And then, when I was 27- I was hired by a radio station to work the 6 a.m. shift ...and the same fall, a magazine bought a story of mine for $500.

My monthly rent was $80. I was off to the races. We want what we cannot have. The heart wants life to go on and on. So the old writer goes on writing stories, still hopeful, though there’s plenty of evidence that you hit your peak at forty. You sit doing something you’ve done steadily since childhood and it’s still of keen interest.

And Sunday night I dreamed about writing. I’d written a book about the Soviet Union and was invited to talk about it up in the Berkshires and drove on winding roads through little hill towns to a house where I walked up a strange steep staircase with tiny steps to the attic where a dozen people sat around a table to hear my talk. I joked about who should leave first if there were a fire and nobody laughed.

They were all communists and took sharp issue with my book and shouted at me in Russian, which I understood but could not speak.

The quiet domestic pandemic life has been bringing me a wild dream life.

We bought a new TV in August to liven up our days and somehow cannot figure out how to tune in news programs — which platforms are they on — so we don’t watch them, which is a relief.

I’m tired of hearing the name in the news, don’t care to hear words that rhyme with it such as “dump,” “hump,” “lump,” “chump,” “rump,” “slump,” look at the news online and avert my eyes from the smug New York playboy face with the fruitcake hair. It’s time for the election now though it’s September. The election should’ve been held a year ago.

The man is a bad dream. I’m an American, I love hamburgers, country music, baseball, small towns on the prairie, the American September, Levi jeans, the poetry of Jim Harrison and Maxine Kumin, and this guy is a Russian who learned his English at the movies. He isn’t one of us, not even slightly.

Nonetheless, life is good.

Our happiness never depended on foreign con men. I’m here because my parents loved each other and even though Hitler had overrun much of Europe and was bombing England and people could see what was coming, Nonetheless; Those two nestled in each other’s arms and took their pleasure and I appeared in 1942, on the day of the American assault on Guadalcanal.

We got through the Forties and we’ll get through the Twenties. Water is coming out of the tap, the mail is left at the doorstep, the buses are running, and the grocery store is open, we’re in business.

The election approaches. Let’s get it done.

~ Garrison Keiler

[caught wind of this excellent piece by way of my friend Kamikaze John Kelly, who is also a writer. I'm trying to convince him this has value and he should consider https://submit.as/earthbound – some pieces for earthbound news. he's a brilliant periodical observer of society patterns wrought with common sense, and a honest warm heart, but also the kind of guy that if you cross him, well uh- you know better not to. The guy was a US Airforce pilot, and involved in the burning man project, and at present- is one of those human beings that not only understands why it's invaluable, but is actually doing the motions – He takes care of his 86 year old mother, and together it's probably a bit like the odd couple – Lemmon and Mathieu, but who knows, I've never met her. :–)

He really has profound and philosophical no-nonsense things to share, so I'm going to link him to this so he can see how it looks. Maybe he'll bite.

sincerely, ~ a human observer .

[editors note: while this is a news blog, this is actually a fantastic start- and here's why- there is a funny thing with words, most often the popular use is not the root meaning or original meaning of the glyph or word. I suppose you could suggest this is on purpose, but that's not going to make this any shorter so we skip that.]

This is a news blog, and he just wrote a poem about not belonging to any location, and not having any particular destination- of giving himself the state of liberty and that's really nice, and lovely so here we are!]
  • Here's a mini instruction guide from someone who's living it, and dancing to his own drum song. Nigel's poem is poignant,- potent, and awesome.

By nigel mitchell

I don't have a hometown, never really did. I've lived within my own world, since I was a kid. I ignore the man made boundaries, I swim the seven sea's. No continent makes me content and I will ever roam. For this abundant world truly feels like home.

sincerely, ~ a human observer .

Google Reverses Lifelong Carbon Emissions To Fight Climate Change

A few months after Microsoft pledged to undo by 2050 the climate harm it's done to the atmosphere by emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, Google said it's already done so. “We have eliminated Google's entire carbon legacy,” Chief Executive Sundar Pichai said Monday in a google blog post.

From a report: Carbon dioxide, which can trap heat from the sun in the earth's atmosphere in a process called the greenhouse effect, is a key part of climate change problems humans are causing on the planet

Google said it became carbon neutral in 2007, meaning it offset carbon emissions related to its operations. That's typically done by purchasing “carbon offsets,” actions like planting trees, but carbon offsets are a complex and sometimes shady business.

The search and Android giant reversed its carbon footprint by buying “high-quality” carbon offsets, Pichai said.

me: What is a “high quality” carbon offset? come on now, you people how successful do you think you were at making most people stupi....oh wait, never mind- game on. Okay, so – clearly you're wrong, but most will never know, I would say well played but I don't think that's where your chips should rest.

** Back to the article text- **

Carbon emissions are a major issue for companies seeking to become more environmentally responsible. Google has long pushed for sustainable operations. That's easier at a profitable tech giant, though, than at a more conventional business.

But toot it because you know how to do that, not because you actually achieved this. The world is not progressive enough yet to actually commit to a solution of that scale.

”....xy zed && buying an equivalent amount of high quality trees” that some scientist calculated and then fed a formula to the UN, and other paid but well meaning busy body scientists- and then they developed with bankers and others a formulae- to represent a carbon offset to create a new pseudo economy.... for legal green washing and subsidizing of new tax brackets and incentives for businesses and so on, -

Buuut... That is not the point I am making, while it is relevant in parallel.

....Or some ** derivative ** or similar method or style of chicanery, an acceptable solution in physical affect and accuracy it is not. Thus, logically- it is not an acceptable as a solution. Does not compute.

But the complexity of this , while well thought out in this camp, is not the topic of this article. That will be covered later.


for those who play along with the super plasma brothers super sustainable earth plan, of supplanting the idea that destruction can be offset by the dollar, keep believing that, and keep buying your carbon credits.

After all is said, but not materialized into a proper reality, uh I mean ::ahem:: cough, * it's good business * , and you probably need less prozac now, so technically this could be win win, but all things considered I am just being shocking for memorability, factuality, and an eventual explanation.

I hate how complicated the world has been made, because the truth is actually always right there, but they make so much goddamn noise most people just get distracted, and the issues persist or grow more troublesome.

We need more trees, and less stupid, period.

But that's a topic for another day.

Oh and,

Until I see Sundar's 4 billion trees or so retroactive trees, to offset all those google employees driving to work, and offsetting all the whole foods employees driving to work to feed all the ravenous google folk, and so on, and so on, and all the other nth order orthagonal and normal type generative vectors of carbon use a company of that scale generates, you can shut the front door man- you did not achieve objective.

It's been since 2007, start digging and roll up that nice shirt of yours sir. If you take me to task, I will dig with you.

Don't become accustomed to the hype, and forget about reality.

image by Brieana, a quite talented professional artist and graphic designer. Get in touch with her here and check out some of her illustrations:

https://www.deviantart.com/brieana (image used without permission, but full attribution above, in the interest of promoting attention to talented people when I see it, in the spur of the moment.) Brieana, if you happen to come by here and don't like your drawing being used, I am happy to replace it. I want people to find you and ask them to ask you to draw them things and pay you, thats what I mean by cross collaborative promotion. But you don't have to promote anything I do, just enjoy if hopefully someone comes your way, I'm a bit of a chatterbox and run about 200 websites, and love helping folks. :D

But yeah google. Ugh, ha! Over and out !

sincerely, ~ a human observer .

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