FIFA 19 VS PES 19 How FIFA 19 Dominates over All its Competitors

The eternal duel goes into the next round! We were able to play both Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and FIFA 19 at Gamescom, and we found that the two football soles look so different this year than ever before.

Every autumn, the football world splits into two camps: the FIFA disciples and the PES lovers. Also in 2018 appear with and once again, new editions of the two Fußballsim series and also this year, the question arises: Who will win the duel on and off the virtual turf and which of the two games has been compared to last Year improved and developed more?

At the Gamescom in Cologne we had the opportunity to play a few rounds in Pro Evo as well as in FIFA – even one after the other. All the more clearly we noticed the differences and the innovations of the two titles. So, who will win the title this year and which football game has copied more from the other? learn how : http://fifauthack.com/

FIFA and PES learn from each other

Obviously, both EA Sports and Konami know each other's strengths and therefore set their own set screws precisely at these points. Because in both games, we especially noticed those new features that have so far rather made the respective competitors.

FIFA 19 players fight for the ball more realistically.FIFA 19 players fight for the ball more realistically and some skills enclosed at http://www.fifauthack.com/deutsch/.

For example, FIFA 19 is looking for more realism on the pitch as players now go more consistently to the ball (the matching feature is called 50/50 battles). As a result, the duels in our games were much more physical. There were more clashes and punches, and after many man-to-man duels, the ball spiked more often and more realistically than in FIFA 18.

The Journey:

In addition, the game calculates in the future a larger area around our players, in order to better adapt their behavior to the respective situation. When playing, our defenders were much more likely to drop a long leg or automatically straddle a pass. While Pro Evolution Soccer has always had its nose in terms of game physics in the past few years, EA Sports in FIFA 19 is once again trying to gain realism and thus attack the core competence of PES.

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