This world has turned to crap and it wont get better the way were acting. If we don't fix our selves think of what are kids are gonna have to live through because of us. Judgment , self-hate, anxiety. So many things they don't deserve and all because of us. Were crap i'm not gonna lie we really are . We don't care about anything but ourselves. You'll rarely see a couple with kids that are still together . Guys only care about their reputation. While girls want to be perfect and popular . Were not perfect and if your not true at heart your living a lie. When you go to school, college, work even, look an see if there's different groups . The popular , nerds, druggies ,the ones between popular and nerds. There's so many groups yet they all have one thing in common were all fake. We all say were friends till they walk away an you talk crap about them . I am guilty of it and if you say your not your lying. Everyone is insecure trying to make them selves feel good. All those celebrities they have insecurities too. There not perfect yet we treat them like royalty. Their just human being like the rest of us. I'm tired of all this plastic ,fake, barbie crap. We need to grow up for god sake.Be more real and if they don't like it tell them to grow and to stop being so dang fake to them selves and others. It hurts you when you figure out your fake to yourself . I know i figured it out. You should too.