About Me

Hello! My name's Elisha and I'm your typical normie, both online and offline. Quick introduction that will explain it all: an average, boba-loving millennial who currently resides in the Bay Area, and also unmistakably Filipino.

This blog is my little space on the internet – after so many attempts at blogging and writing, I've decided to permanently park my personal thoughts here on W.a (please treat me well!). There is really no aim or goal to this, other than for me to feel cathartic after writing, but if you enjoy reading my random musings, then you're most welcome to stay!

Here's a list of tags that I currently have on here -

100DaysToOffload Journal PrattlePost

I'm also pretty alive on Twitter and on Mastodon as @elisha@sfba.social, but you can also leave me a message! Either way, I would really love to hear from people too!

You can follow either my RSS feed, or apparently, on the fediverse – @eleeshing@write.as. I've also enabled the option to follow via email, specifically for my best friend who's on the other side of the world: